If you have gotten exhausted from or feel like calling your Tumblr activity a quit. Here is the good news. You can comfortably delete your Tumblr account permanently. We all know that Tumblr also has a self-help page at zendesk and their instructions on deleting Tumblr account barely understandable. TUMBLR ACCOUNT So if you fall into the category of earnest seekers of how to delete an already existing Tumblr account, this is the right place to be. These are the steps you must follow;

  1. Login to the site (
  2. Open on another page – the account deletion site or click on the account deletion page
  3. Enter your email in the account and the cancellation form that pops up
  4. Fill in your password
  5. Press delete everything, to erase the account
  6. You will receive a notification alert informing you that your account has been deleted

You can only use the web browser to carry out these procedures, it can be done with a mobile app. For users who allowed tfa services, you will use the code to delete it, thereby removing your blog and releasing your url.