How to Delete OfferUp Account – How to Cancel Account

How to  is a guide that terminates your membership in OfferUp. Before you check on how to delete the OfferUp account, what has gone wrong? To those who don’t get what the OfferUp account is all about, we will look into that before we resolve the issue of how to can cancel the OfferUp account.How to Delete OfferUp Account

OfferUp is a free platform that allows users to sell personal items such as musical instruments and furniture, clothing and books.  It is a phone application that allows you to market everything ranging from clothing to cars.

This market place has been optimized for Smartphones with an appealing infinite scroll interface.

Amazingly, this site places no charge of any kind except in rare cases where you want your items to get more attention in a short period. On that note, it may require you to pay to have your item bumped or featured.

Pro Tips of OfferUp

This site suggests that sellers should demand cash payment when they are receiving any payment. Reason being that some can come as a scam in checks, cashier’s checks, and prepaid cards and so on. This is a strategy one must put in place as a business strategy because scammers do not visit every sale site.

There are various reasons why you may wish to delete your OfferUp account which among them is email spamming by the company.

How to Delete OfferUp Account

How to delete OfferUp account can be done with the below steps. But before that, to deactivate your account, it can be done via a web page on a PC or Mac.

  • Visit the site at into the search bar of a web browser.
  • Now type in your email and password. Assuming you have not logged in already, enter your email and password that corresponds to the OfferUp account and then click the green button tagged login.
  • Pick a reason why you want to leave,
  • Click on deactivate my account,
  • Then confirm your command by clicking on “yes, I’m sure”.
  • Now click on done.


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