10 Tools that Help with Inventory Management for Small Business

Inventory management is beyond mere keeping on track of products. It is software that diminishes the idea of guesswork, thereby giving companies huge control over their business. Inventory management software is a necessity that every business involved in the manufacturing or shipping of tangible goods should use to accurately keep track of their business products.Inventory Management for Small Business

You need to know to keep track of your product and know how much you are producing, the number of raw materials you are consuming, where those products are been taken to, and your profit as well. You see! Old-school tracking systems remain unreliable because it is time-consuming as it uses manual processes to make counts and organize data.

But now, the modern-day system has advanced in order to reshape the system into a quick and efficient tracking of our inventory. They have equally made use of the internet of things (IoT), advanced systemID, smart manufacturing and mobile Management (MDM) to change how companies operate.

Small Business Inventory Software

We will be looking at 10 inventory management software for small business that is streamed to help inventory management software for small business.


Ordoro is known over the world as the smartest shipping app. Ordoro software app is designed to provide businesses with a Cost-effective solution to goods inventory in the area of shipping operations.  To start a plan with Ordoro, you will get the basic plans at $25 per month.


Unleashed- is an inventory management system that coordinates small businesses to manage inventory with less stress no matter where you are disposed of. It also deals with a cloud-based dashboard that enables businesses with an instant account of revenue, stock, and profit. The platform also deals with an affordable range of pricing plans starting from $60 per month.


InFlow inventory is a system that offers a comprehensive online management system. Most importantly, users receive orders, reorder stock, and manage products and so much more with the help of the inventory management system as a result of the easy-to-use interface. This system also offers free packages for small businesses that have started using InFlow.


Basically, this is designed for businesses that use QuickBooks. This is because you can integrate QuickBooks records stress-free into the AdvancePro system. AdvancePro specialties are on high- performing inventory and warehouse management tools which can be shaped to a small business needs.  AdvancePro’s inventory management tool’s pricing tally according to the type of packages you about to run.

NCR Counterpoint

Most inventory management tool has defined their market and their target. NCR inventor has been designed for small businesses operating in retail, wholesale or mail-order, to bring a solution to the inventory management systems. This system is a cloud-hosted point of sale software that provides programmed purchase orders and as well a host of payment processing features. NCR’s inventory management products are variably priced and ideal for small businesses.

Goldenseal Accounting

Goldenseal Accounting is designed exclusively for small businesses, thereby offering a full suite of accounting and management services. If your business is within the system of construction then Goldenseal Accounting is a system created for such businesses. However, other businesses that bill for materials and time can equally go for this. The software’s basic version starts at $495.

Zoho Inventory

This is an online application that boasts multi-channel fully involved in selling, having the powerful inventory control, which allows small businesses to manage orders and inventory with greater expertise. Zoho Inventory is designed to meet the need of several sizes of businesses ranging from $29 per month.


JumpStock made sure it touched all parts of the inventory management system, thereby giving businesses full inventory requirements. However, JumpStock is competitively priced at the cost of $99 per month.

Wasp Inventory Control

Assuming you run a business of 5-99 employees, Wasp Inventory control is suitable to handle your business with the aid of a user-friendly approach to business management. The system involves all that a small business will need for its inventory management, including a mobile device, supplies and so many other things.  Wasp offers stock management options and pricing range that depends on whether a business opts to complete barcode systems to just inventory software.


Achieve good inventory management having no stress with the Lettuce inventory app. This is used by small businesses to integrate systems like shipping, payment processing, tracking, customer relationship management, and more. Lettuce has affordable pricing starting from $59 per month.


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