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What do you know about Inventory Management software? I will be showing you some top-five ranking software on inventory management. In adding to that, you will be lectured on the advantages and disadvantages and also the possible pricing.Best Inventory Management Software

List of Top Five Best Inventory Management Software

Most people look at inventory management as a difficult task in most cases where you have a large inventory to take care of for your company. This is because when you do not balance your estimation carefully, it will lead to a lot of problems and loses.

When you deal with ideal inventory management, you will notice that the success of that business (be it big or small) is not farfetched. According to my current research, I got to find out that with the huge number of inventory management software, you can actually computerize the entire process and make it work more effective and efficient.

In conclusion to that, I have come to relate the ability to have efficient and Best Inventory Management Software. I found out that using good inventory management software will determine the efficiency of your company.

I will strictly advise that you carefully select software that has features of your interest and that which will help you attain the streamline to your inventory management process. Check out for the below list of best inventory management software that can be vast help to your company.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is a management tool that helps a business to put in place its supply chain end-to-end together with associated financial management operations. This service offers a cloud-based additional platform which is managed by Oracle serves as a one-stop solution. They do this to enable a business to be on top of its inventory with real-time and grave visibility on inventory control.

This service has simple tools such as the native tools enabling efficient functionality which will also have given it an edge as the best inventory Management tool for growing your company and is used by greatly a wild range of business (small business and large scale business).


  • With the cloud-based feature, users have direct real-time visibility across multiple locations which are very tough to scale up the business.
  • You can combine the setup software with the company’s existing CRM and other web investments; for instance the Salesforce.


  • Currently, the software is not compatible with Linux and Windows mobile systems.
  • This software is more favourable to Enterprises and not for a startup small business.
  • You will not get a Live Support, but the company has a ticketing system and supports its clients through calls and emails and also conducts training.


On this platform, you will be given a wild range of software options. On that note, the company charges its user by modules opted, the number of users per month and a few other custom criteria. However, the pricing is on a quote basis and can be customized for each business.


Vendhq is among the top-ranking software offering services on point-of-sale software which is designed to help retailers in retail and inventory management. This cloud-based tool is compatible on the only iPad and is well known for flexibility and also aids easy use.

On a normal ground, this software is designed for only small scale businesses that are into in-store and aids eCommerce, robust equipment and supports loyalty of customers. It also aids easy integration into the existing business system; that is equipment and hardware like barcode scanners, receipt printers etc.


  • Aids satisfactory inventory management capabilities.
  • You can maintain the central product catalogue for products sold in different catalogues
  • When you talk about the centralized data management feature, it allows robust and customized reporting


  • This software can only but support only English format and no other language.
  • This software is designed to be compatible with Linux devices, Android, and Windows mobile.


They have made the entire POS package available in three packages correspondingly to the size of your business. I prefer retailers with a single outlet should go for the lite version which costs $99/month, while that of more than 1 outlet can opt for the Pro version which costs $119/month with an annual. subscription. A large business with more than 6 outlets can now go for a customized quote-based package.


Zoho Inventory is more on standalone online Inventory management software that helps a business to keep track of its stock levels and control both the online and offline orders all over multiple channels.

Looking at the features of Zoho, they are favourable for Retail or Trading business, but not for a manufacturer setting. Moreover, its affordable tool is more composed of small to medium-sized businesses.


  • UI of Zoho is very easy to use and doesn’t require an accountant or a professional inventory manager to work on the software. That is, it has a friendly user interface.
  • The software assimilate across multiple eCommerce channels like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc., and provides real-time updates
  • Making an order on this platform is easier because Zoho collaborates with nearly 25 shipping carriers. However, looking at it logistically and financially you can choose the best for each order.
  • They guarantee 24/7 customer support.
  • Zoho has specifications for country versions, especially for the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India.


  • Zoho assumes FIFO (First-In-First-Out) method for tracking items in the inventory and is not suitable for businesses that follow any other method
  • The software only comes with basic reporting options and but does not have options to forecast.


In terms of pricing, Zoho offers a wide range of affordable inventory pricing ranging from 0 to $199/month. This is renewed annually. But if paid monthly, the cost can go up to $249/month.

For your notice, this software is free for small businesses having not less than 20 orders per month. Over this platform, there are basic, standard, and professional packages depending on the number of warehouses supported a number of users, and the volume of orders.


Cin7 is regarded as all-in-one incorporated platform revolving on the computerized point-of-sale package, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for B2B exchange of documents among business partners, third-party logistics support and inventory management

However, the system could be integrated with over 100 third party applications. On that note, all the features needed to run the business can be made available in one single platform.


  • The dynamic tool is built for adaptability and helps streamline the workflow. Administrative tasks are minimized, and operations are optimized to help save time and reduce cost.
  • Automated Inventory Management with real-time visibility of stock levels even when the business is spread across multiple companies, franchises, and marketplaces.


  • The application interface is outdated and most times people find it difficult to use.
  • It is only for English based support.


Subscription of Cin7 starts from $299 per month and is only available with monthly payments. There are no options for a one-time purchase or an annual subscription. Large companies can set up quote-based pricing depending on the customer requirement.


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