American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card

This credit card has been designed for people who want to get cash rewards for making purchases with their credit cards. There is no annual fee, but lower rewards.

Benefits and Features of the American Express Blue Cash Daily card

Sign up or Registration bonus:  Earn $ 150 if you spend $ 1,000 in the first three months of opening the account

Rates for reward:  1% -3%

Introductory purchase APR is  0% APR for 15 months

Purchase APR is 15.24% -26.24% based on your creditworthiness

Balance transfer APR is  0%  for 15 months, then 15.24% -26.24%

Late payment is  up to $38

The foreign transaction fee is  2.7% of each transaction

American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card

What you might like about the card | American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card 

No annual fee

3% cash back on groceries

2% discount for gas

Things you might not like about the card

It has a Very high APR

There is a limit of 3% cash back

Offers to make you feel welcome

This credit card has a refund of $ 150 if you spend $ 1,000 within three months of opening your account. The card offers 0% APR for the first 15 months, even for balance transfers.

Other Earnings and rewards

American Express has two Blue Cash cards and one Cash Magnet card. This version of Blue Cash does not have an annual fee, but less generous reward than the Blue Cash Preferred Card, which has an annual fee of $ 95.

There are several key differences between this card and the preferred blue cash. Get 3% in supermarkets, 2% at gas stations and some university stores and 1% of all other purchases, compared to 6% -3% -1% respectively on the preferred card. The starting bonus is $ 150 on this card, and your favorite reward is $ 250 with the same expense requirements.

Other facts of the Blue Cash Everyday card

You will not be held responsible for fraud when using an American Express card.

Pay small purchases or plan to share large purchases for a fixed monthly fee.

You’re ensured of insurance coverage of death and accidents during your journey.

Up to two additional years can be added to the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Additional fees of this card

Penalty 29.99% APR for at least six months

Returned payment fee is up to $38

Cash Advances APR is 27.49%

Cash Advance Fee is 5 or 3% of the amount of each cash advance

Is this card right for you?

The favorite version is, without doubt, the best of the two Blue Cash books, at least in the first year, given the $ 250 bonus one can earn. Then it depends on your habits and willingness to pay an annual fee.

You can certainly earn much more with your preferred card. although if it is worth an annual fee of $ 95, it is different for everyone.