American Express Serve One VIP Card – load money and spend always

Are you in need of a reloadable Prepaid Card? If you really need one, search no more, simply go for the American Express Serve One VIP Card. It is a reloadable Prepaid Card from American Express that you can consistently load money and spend with. A lot of people prefer a reloadable prepaid card to a credit card due to the consistent increase in identity theft and credit card fraud. This card serves exactly the same purpose as any credit card. You can use it to make purchases online or offline. Note that as it is a prepaid card, you can only spend what you have on the card and nothing else.American Express Serve One VIP Card - load money and spend always

Once you get this reloadable Prepaid Card

you will gain access to Radio One VIP Loyalty Membership. This will give you a special privilege to artists and concert events taking place in the future within your vicinity. You can attend, meet, and have great times with great artists. Cardholders can even enjoy special access to VIP lounges at clubs and premium VIP seating at concerts. As a member, you can join a Radio One VIP mailing list to know the concert and event taking place in your area. There is no better way to find out about events and enjoy the benefits you deserve as a member.

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Additionally, another benefit of this card is that cardholders enjoy using it to pay their bills online. Cardholders have access to their reloadable prepaid card online account 24/7. This is better than paying through mails as it does not attract any charge and the payment reflects on your account the moment you make it. Paying through mail attracts a charge and takes about 7 working days to reflect on your account. The online service portal is faster and easier. It gives cardholders the opportunity to control their accounts with so much ease.

American Express Serve One VIP Card

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A prepaid debit card is an account that allows you to spend only the amount of money that you have loaded into the account in advance. Once you

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The basic card is free to use online but costs up to $3.95 at retail locations when reloading the card with cash. There is no monthly fee for

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Prepaid cards offer users the ability to stick to a specific budget and, therefore, more easily limit their spending

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You can use this to load the FIDO AMEX up to 1k a month. Amex stopped taking applications for OneVip at the end of 2017. Cards acquired before …

To apply for American Express Serve One VIP Card

go to Also, you can easily get the card, it does not require a credit check as it is a prepaid card. Furthermore, you will not also need a credit limit in case you get the card. You only have to load money on the card and start spending. You can make direct deposits into the card. Cardholders can as well use their paychecks electronically to deposit money in their cards.

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However, the card comes with a $1 monthly charge but can be waived if the cardholder has at least $500 direct deposit. There are about 27,500 locations throughout the country where cardholders can go to and reload money in their cards. As a cardholder, if you reload your card in any of these locations, you will not need to pay the $3.95 that they charge when you load money in other locations.

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