Top 5 Identity Access Management Tools

Currently speaking in the world of business, information security has often become the prime factor of success. This has stepped up the urge to safeguard financial information and other sensitive data which must be balanced by providing necessary access to information and resources across your organization’s technology environments. To complicate matters, this balancing act must also adhere to strict compliance requirements. This is the reason for Identity Access Management Tools.Top 5 Identity Access Management Tools

The benefit of Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) are designed solutions put in place to provide you with centralized visibility and control and thereby allowing you to spontaneously measure and monitor the risks currently present in a system that must match up users and resources. Now over the article, we have compiled a list of the top five “IAM” solutions which you can imply in your organization.

identity access management tools

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The best IdM / IaM tools: · Centrify · CyberArk Privileged Account Security · Okta · OneLogin · RSA SEcurID · SailPoint.

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Auth0 ; 2. SpectralOps ; 3. AWS Identity & Access Management ; 4. Microsoft Azure Active Directory ; 5. Google Cloud Identity and Access …

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  1. CyberArk · 2. ForgeRock · 3. IBM · 4. Microsoft · 5. Okta · 6. OneLogin · 7. Oracle · 8. Ping Identity.

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top identity and access management toolsIdentity is becoming the new perimeter, and these IAM tools have evolved to help secure assets …

Best Identity Access Management Tools

  1. Courion

When we talk about the Courion, the Courion Access Assurance Suite is a consistent performer in the field of IAM. However, they have several suites of modules that can also be licensed separately. On that note, each of the modules will be performing a specific function. What do I mean by this? The modules include areas like account management, self-service password management, access request management, access by role management and analytics software, compliance management.

  1. Oracle

The Oracle Identity and management Suite is particularly available for large organizations. It is a comprehensive solution that makes use of analytics to address privileged account management, user administration, and identity intelligence.

  1. IBM

IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration make use of their Security Identity Manager together with their Security Identity Governance system which is based on the recently inherent of the CrossIdeas platform. This IAM solution, in particular, regulates services which include user access management, identity management and governance, and regulatory compliance evaluation.

  1. RSA

RSA otherwise known as the Security Division of EMC offers RSA Identity Management and Governance, which is an innate and most importantly an independent licensed solution. Currently, they acquired Aveska which is one of the pioneers of Identity Governance and Management. Their modules of operation include access certification management, access request management, data access governance, and business role management.

  1. SailPoint

SailPoint is a pioneer of identity and access governance technology known for offering the best identity and access management solution available. When it comes to “Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration”, Gartner has named SailPoint a leader and also Deloitte has named SailPoint the fastest growing IAM Company in North America for two consecutive years.

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The SailPoint IdentityIQ system works according to its optional modules by providing exceptional access certification and role management features.

Thus, SailPoint IdentityIQ is designed for on-premise deployment but also work for the purpose of a staged on-ramp to the cloud. This allows companies to easily implement a future transition to IAM-as-a-service (IDaaS) when they decide to take that step.

The SailPoint IdentityIQ modules include Compliance Manager, Lifecycle Manager, Identity Intelligence, Governance Platform, Integration Modules, User Provisioning

Here at Column Technologies, we have partnered with SailPoint to provide you with the best, most efficient IAM system in the industry and are the preferred partner for managed services and hosting for SailPoint IdentityIQ.

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When implemented, SailPoint IdentityIQ can provide your organization with the ability to centralize visibility and control, automate core identity compliance controls and lifecycle processes, actively measure and monitor risks associated with both users and resources, and more. If you’re interested in implementing SailPoint IdentityIQ as your IAM solution, contact us today.

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