Account | How to Cancel It Account | How to Cancel It can offer you a $ 1 credit report if only you subscribe to the credit monitoring service. This process takes seven days, and if it is canceled, your credit card will not be charged more than $ 1. However, if you want to end your trial subscription, your credit card will be charged every month until the credit card is canceled. There is an interesting fact abt this site, they usually provide free credit report before the law was put in place which now requires certain disclosures that provide free credit reports.

You can place a call to cancel

Your can be terminated or canceled by calling 1-866-617-1894. Then you can relate to or inform your customer service representative that you want to cancel your account. You will be asked to enter your social security number to access your account. Though canceling may not be easy, hold on for questions from the customer’s service representative on the reason for termination of your account. Ensure that your account is canceled and your request will be processed at the end. Remember to save the date and time of the call in your records

An email will be sent to you after canceling your account. You might want to save the e-mail or print for future reference. If you do not receive a confirmation email, call again for customer service to confirm that your account has been canceled.

Will I get a refund?

Under the conditions of from April 2016. If you pay monthly, you will receive a refund of $19.99 or $1 credit report. Follow the credit card to make sure you will not be charged next month. The $ 1 initial fee will not be refunded, even if you cancel the trial period. If you have previously registered in the trial version of, you will not receive a new trial version. If you register again, you will be charged immediately in accordance with the Terms of Use. Account

Get a free credit report without Any attachment | Account

There are many sites, such as, that give you the impression that you are getting a free credit report (or $ 1), but your real intent is to subscribe to a subscription service. However, there are ways to get a truly free credit report without having to cancel your credit card number or unsubscribe within a few days.

You can get a free annual credit report through federal law via

  • com now offers a free credit report and a free credit rating for TransUnion and Experian credit reports without the required credit card.
  • com offers a credit report and free credit scores based on data from the Experian credit report.
  • com also offers a free Equifax and VantageScore credit report every six months.
  • Federal law gives the right to a free credit report in other situations, such as refusal to grant credit or unemployment, and shortly search for a job.

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