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FBA Sellers On AmazonFBA sellers can be referred to as those who ship their merchandise to a fulfillment center, where they are kept in the warehouse until they are sold. What will come to your mind is what FBA is? This is simply an abbreviation for “Fulfillment By Amazon”.fba seller on amazon

About FBA Sellers On Amazon

FBA selling per se has become one of the best ways to earn income online. Recently, there are about 2 million people selling on Amazon around the world.  As an FBA seller, you are offered the chance to showcase your list of products and then the Amazon Company will help you out in shipping the goods to your customers.

Advantages of FBA Sellers On Amazon

  1. First and famous, making use of the FBA program grants you automatic order fulfillment by taking advantage of Amazon’s advanced shipping and fulfillment service, thus you earn more sales from Amazon’s prime customers. https://services.amazon.com/fulfillment-by-amazon/benefits.html
  2. You get enjoy effortless service coming from the shipping logistics as FBA offers you take advantage of their expertise and experience.
  3. As an FBA seller, you get to connect to Fulfillment centers for a major shipping contract thereby giving them steep discounts on shipping. While you send down your inventories, these discounts are then passed on to sellers in the form of reduced shipping prices.
  4. You get excellent service as an FBA seller
  5. They stand a chance of free shipping by amazon as you sell your products.
  6. You will be able to reach out to your customer’s needs around the world.
  7. Also, You get to enjoy unlimited storage space.
  8. You can sell your products on other channels and still get a shipping guarantee from Amazon.

How Does FBA Work?

Now let’s look at how this service works. As the seller sends the product to the fulfillment center, the center now stores the products in their warehouse. Now once a customer indicates interest in the product and then makes an order, the FBA center will now pick, packages, ship and also keep track of the order for the seller including handling returns and refunds.

Secondly, this service handles the customer service by following up and making sure that the customer is satisfied as soon as he gets his products. In case there is any return of any kind or question, the FBA handles the customers on that. Also for feedbacks, the seller is on the pressure to respond and take actions.

Now the last part which is the aim of this service is that after two weeks, amazon will add up all your total sales and deducts your seller fee calculate your profits and then make a deposit of your profits to your bank account.

You might wonder about the essence of the FBA seller and his roles to play!

Now as an FBA seller, you have a responsible role to play such as;

  • Keeping your inventory in stock
  • Marketing and advertising your products
  • Makes decision on what products to sell
  • You get to sell off your wholesale purchase, self-made good or even products you no longer want.

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