Prime Amazon Cost | How to Get Amazon Prime for Free (or cheap)

Generally, everyone wants to be part of free stuff especially when it comes to the notice of its benefits. I Haven heard about Amazon Prime membership, you want to join now that you have noticed that it is free because you are aware that you are going to be offered free shipping and free video/music streaming. Wow! That sounds interesting. Amazon’s prime cost of membership is free.Prime Amazon Cost

what’s Amazon prime cost?

However, Prime Amazon Cost costs $119 per year to keep your account running. Most times you may not get all these things free, it can come cheaper than it should be. So we will be showing you how to get all that free stuff for free or even cheaper. You may wonder if it is a cheat code.

For your notice, it is not at all a cheap code as you may think. So, therefore, there are ideal ways to get free trial and discounts which you might be aware that there are free. For more details, keep reading! At first, you should know what Amazon prime is all about.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is an Amazon membership platform backup with a lot of benefits. These benefits include; fast and free shipping, Tv/Movie/Music streaming, exclusive shopping deals, and many more. A few questions like how much is Amazon Prime?

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It is necessary so that you will be able to set your budget and plans. On that note, amazon prime membership normally costs $119 per year as I said earlier. But in as much as this, there are ways to get this for free or at a reduced price.

How to Get Amazon Prime for free

Follow the below guide and get yourself luck of getting an Amazon Prime for free. At first,

  1. Engage in a standard free trial

Looking at it from the most important obvious project, Amazon is offering a 30 days free trial for amazon prime. At that process, you will have to enter your payment information and cancel Amazon prime at the end of the trial in case you don’t want to continue. I am sure you will enjoy making use of the prime account. To move it to the next level, I will recommend you go for the annual membership.

  1. Students can get 6 months free. There is an opportunity created for students to partake in a fantastic program offered by Amazon that comes with 6 months of Amazon prime free. Now at the end of the 6months trial, you are eligible to receive a 50% discount moving forward. The below information is required if you are interested.
  • A valid school email address
  • A copy of your acceptance letter or transcripts.
  • Students ID containing the expiring date.
  1. You can also take advantage of Amazon’s household. How does this work? With the Amazon household, this platform is designed for families whereby they pay for single amazon prime membership and connect up to two adults, four teens, and four children. For your notice, both parties still operate with a different account.
  2. Via sprint unlimited, you can get a free amazon prime membership. When you sign up for sprint’s unlimited premium plan, you will get Amazon Prime for free.
  3. Get three months for free while using American Express. What this is trying to relate is that you get three months of amazon prime for free just by entering your Amex card number. You can count this effective for 3 months trial as it only works for new amazon prime membership.
  4. You can count yourself lucky as folk on Government assistance. Amazon offers a discounted prime membership. What you need is a valid EBT number.


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