BEST AMAZON ALTERNATIVE:-  Amazon is about the most popular and number one choice when it comes to buying stuff online. However, other alternatives abound. Alternate online stores include:


  1. EBay

On the eBay platform, there are millions of items available at any one time. One can almost buy anything from the site, ranging from DVDs to food items.

It is a community full of outlet stores for established brands, as well as individual sellers. You could actually get good bargains here.

eBay is a household name. It has its minor issues with scammers though, but that can be solved if a person sticks to making business with tried and tested buyers or sellers.

  1. Rakuten

Rakuten was formerly known as It offers a huge wealth of items, giving the customers opportunity to connect with businesses directly. Rakuten is big on loyalty schemes and Cashback deals. It provides video reviews of certain items. The only issue with Rakuten is that some low-quality items are also listed.

  1. Overstock

Overstock started as a place for surplus goods. It is thus home of low prices with a vast supply of home-focused goods. The focus is more on goods that improve the look of one’s home rather than just entertainment items. Artisan products are given enough consideration and customer service is good. However, you cannot cancel or change an order once it has been made.

  1. Walmart

This is one of the safest online shop available. Its website has millions of bargains with new offers every day. It has mostly anything the customer may need, providing a free and simple returns in-store or by mail.


Walmart’s website of course is not the most appealing looking website, though a toggle helps you see what items are available for the next day delivery, thus a last-minute purchase is actually possible here and doesn’t require an Amazon Prime membership.

  1. Barnes and Noble

Apart from Amazon, Barnes and Noble is the next best online shop as it concerns buying books. It has about six million books in stores and over 4.5 million ebooks for download.

Being a member of Barnes and Noble gives one free shipping and exclusive online discounts. It has a more interesting description of books and better recommendations than Amazon.

  1. Zappos

Zappos specializes in selling clothing, shoes, and other accessories. It provides these for all age ranges and genders. It offers a great reward scheme so you can earn points for every purchase made.

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They offer good customer service and offer returns for up to a year after purchase.

  1. Best Buy

Best Buy offers free shipping and simple returns. It offers regular deals and one can of course collect purchases at local stores.

They give a warranty on electronic purchases, giving you some extra peace of mind. However, purchases here are not always the cheapest.

  1. Newegg

Newegg offers great prices for technological purchases. Their shipping of goods is also relatively fast. It gives different daily offers and also sells household items.

  1. Jet

Jet’s focus is on providing branded goods at a lower price. They deliver items within two days and there are no shipping charges for orders over $35 (thirty-five dollars). It has a free returns policy and offers a variety of stock.

  1. Etsy

It is well known for gift items. Everything it sells is handmade. They have great customer service. It doesn’t offer mass-produced stock, since the items are handmade and very unique. However, their items are not always cheap.

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