FREE HARD DRIVE TESTING PROGRAMS are very important tools especially when it comes to addressing issues like disk errors. Such errors may include frequent messages popping up while running software, repeated program crashes, humming from the drive, and strange noises such as clicking.

Such issues may warrant a complete replacement of the hard drive or one would have to engage a hard drive repair software program. Some of the most effective hard drive diagnostic software options are:


This is one free hard drive diagnostic software available on most hard drives. It is very easy to use, having two HDD testing functions. One can test more than one drive consecutively and a person can also perform a deep test for better results. The software though cannot be employed in scanning a hard drive where Windows is installed and so it works on Windows operating system only.

Samsung HUTIL

Samsung HUTIL is a free hard drive diagnostic utility that’s not too difficult to use. It is used for testing hard drives notwithstanding the operating system installed. The program can be run from a bootable floppy disc. However, the software only tests Samsung HDDs. The interface is completely text, there are no buttons to click. A working computer would be needed to set up the program.

Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic

It is a free hard drive software available on a Windows program and a bootable ISO file. The windows program can scan hard drives from any manufacturer and it is easy to use. With this program, we can scan internal and external NDDs and basic information about the drive is shown.

The DOS program however only scans Western Digital hard drives and unlike the Windows version, it is not easy to set up.

Bart’s Stuff Test

Bart’s Stuff Test is a free, Windows-based stress test. The stress test is done by writing data to the drive. All hard drives can be tested regarless of the operating system or file program. The program is easy to use and lots of its settings can be adjusted.

The software is portable. Though for a while it has not been updated.

Fujitsu Diagnostic Tool

This tool is built for Fujitsu hard drives. Also, it is available both in Windows and bootable DOS versions. It is one of the easiest hard drive testing apps to use. It offers two hard drive testing options: ‘Quick Test’, which takes place about three minutes, and a ‘Complete Test’, whose time varies based on the hard drive size.

Microsoft Windows Built-In Error Checking

This hard drive testing tool comes with Microsoft Windows. It scans hard drives in search of a wide range of errors, fixing the errors also.

No download is necessary here, since the program is built into all modern version of Windows.

Free Easis Drive Check

This software carries out two main testing utilities: the SMART test which lists more than forty values about a hard drive and the Sector test that checks the surface of the media for reading errors. A surface scan can also be carried out and scan results are automatically emailed to you. The program works only on Windows computers.


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