An AUDIO CONVERTER SOFTWARE PROGRAMS is one used for converting an audio file type into another. This is necessary for different reasons. There are times you would not be able to play or edit a certain audio file because the format is not supported by the software you are using. Also, a music app on your phone or tablet may not play because your device does not support the format the downloaded song is in.BEST FREE AUDIO CONVERTER SOFTWARE PROGRAMS



This is a simple software program with an easy-to-use user interface. It can convert to and from a wide variety of popular and not-so-popular formats. All you have to do is drag and drop the audio files you intend to convert directly into the program, choose an output format and then start the conversion.

The software can convert songs from an iTunes playlist and it optionally auto-import a song into iTunes after conversion. MediaHuman Audio Converter supports Windows XP and macOS 10.6.

  1. Zamzar

It is an online audio converter service. Most common audio and music formats are supported here. You can simply upload a file to be converted from your computer or enter a URL to an online file that also needs conversion.

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Zamzar lists every compatible format you can convert a file to. It works on any operating system via a web browser. The conversion time however is slow compared to other online converters.


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The seven best free audio converters are: Zamzar, MediaHuman Audio Converter, FileZigZag, Freemake, Switch Sound File Converter, and Malavida.

  1. Switch

It used to be Switch Sound File Converter. It is used for extracting audio from video files and CDs or DVDs and can also capture audio from a live audio stream from the internet. Switch advanced settings include deleting a source audio file after a conversion, editing tags, automatically normalizing audios, and downloading CD album details from the internet.

The program however seems to stop working for some people after fourteen days and some security software identifies the converter as a virus.

  1. VSDC Free Audio Converter

This converter has a user-friendly interface. It converts local audio files and the ones located online. You can simply load up the audio file you intend to convert by file or folder. Choose the Formats tab to select an output and then click Start conversion to convert the files.

There is a built-in player for listening to songs before converting them and you can edit or modify a track’s title, artist or audio, album, genre, and more. The VSDC Free Audio Converter is compatible with all windows operating systems. However, during setup, the converter tries to install other programs along with itself.

  1. Hamster Free Audio Converter

It is a converter with a minimal interface and super easy to use. It can convert multiple audio files in bulk and can merge the files into one. The converter shows you file formats based on device type so as to make choosing a compatible format easier. It however doesn’t allow for saving converted files in a default location and the converter has not been updated in many years.