GOtv Subscription

This is one of the most prominent cable Tv services available for entertainment in so many African countries, most especially in Nigeria and some other notable West African countries.

There are many ways to make payment for the services been delivered by GOtv in every geographical location and at every specified period. This payment can be done at various intervals within a specified period. You can make your payment via online payment, in-store and also with the use of ATM and many other ways which will be disclosed later in the course of reading this article.

How To Subscribe online

Online subscription has always been one of the easiest ways of subscribing. To get access to the subscription, you can easily get connected to the following procedures.

  • Visit your favorite browser to search for
  • You can easily select your favorite plan to enjoy more of GOtv services
  • Simply provide the following data: e-mail address, mobile number, and smartcard number.
  • Access the billing screen by tapping on it after scrolling down
  • Select your debit card type and provide its details to proceed
  • Simply review the data you’ve entered so as to certify them and then tap on the “pay” tab.
  • You’ve automatically made the payment, so you can sit down and enjoy your Tv program with comfort

              Pay using Jumia One 

  • You are first required to turn on your decoder if you’re going to use this medium to pay
  • Visit Jumia one page and login or you can sign up using your e-mail address and password.
  • Move to service list and click on the “Tv” icon
  • Click on “GOtv” widget
  • Enter your UIC number and select your favorite package you want to pay for
  • Simply provide your debit card information and follow the basic prompt

        Subscribe Using USSD Code

One doesn’t need an internet connection to proceed to this procedure; you only need your mobile phone to get connected. You will only need your mobile phone to proceed with it .to pay for the Gotv package using the USSD code, one can simply enter the shortcode, amount and send. It depends on the type of bank you are banking with.

GOtv Subscription Via ATM

Making a payment with ATM has been one of the easiest ways of payment. Individuals have yearned to see the procedures. This is a very good platform we have provided for you. The ATM code of the package you want to pay for its very essential in this phase. Follow the listed steps to get connected.

  • Go to your nearest ATM machine
  • Insert your ATM card in the machine
  • Key in your pin
  • Click on the “quick teller” link from the options given
  • Select the “pay bills” button, then go to the “choose others” tab.
  • Key in the ATM code of your preferred plan and tap on the “proceed” button. Follow the on-screen instruction to end your payment.

Subscription in-store

There are a lot of GOtv stores available. Individuals can easily get access to our services by making payments via GOtv stores. There are many stores to reach out to so as to enjoy our services.


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