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What do you think about Joomla? Joomla is one of the top-ranking and powerful applications dealing with content management systems on the web today. Now, what do I mean by content management systems? It means that with this platform, you will be able to create websites and even online applications. You will achieve great success while making use of the tools in the Joomla platform.joomla


Regards to CMS (content management systems), WordPress is compared with Joomla. Joomla is an open-source content management that can be used to publish web content. Having a model-view-controller web application framework, this platform was developed by open-source inc. thus, this can be used independently.

Just like WordPress, Joomla is also written in the PHP programming language accompanied by object-oriented programming techniques and patterns. This platform runs packages like page caching, blogs, search engine optimization, news flashes, and so on.

Features of Joomla

There are basic things that have made this tool very essential. Thus, thousands of third-party extensions are been found on the platform of Joomla. Here are some features of Joomla.

  • Search engine optimization: when you are in need of optimizing your web page to Google’s first page, this platform got you covered.
  • User management: it enables you the gain management access to control and manage your websites and different groups.
  • Cache Management: you can manage your cache to help you optimize your speed.
  • Multi-languages: this platform offers service in over 75 languages.
  • This platform is has a lot of extensions made available to help increase website functionality.
  • Flexibility: this platform is quite flexible because you stand a chance of creating a blog, business website, community website, or even internet, ranging from the simplest to the most complex website.
  • Menu management: as many menus and menu items you could possibly image, you will possibly create it over this platform.

These are some features of this great tool. Visit them at

Joomla Extensions

There are over eight thousand extensions that are available for download. However, these extensions can be linked to Plugins for WordPress. With Joomla, you can also download custom themes for this web application Joomla is quite the fourth most used ranging after WordPress and Drupal over the internet. Thus, Joomla is just below WordPress and Drupal. It is a well-known content management platform to use.

Joomla Download

You can download and install this tool on your own server. Follow the below steps to download this platform.

  • You can make use of any web browser of your choice. Open the web browser.
  • Use the search bar and key the URL at
  • Allow the site to open up, click on the button tagged “Download Joomla”.
  • Hit the download link on the page and proceed to download the page to get the .zip packages. Always ensure your data connection is turned on and has a strong network for smooth and fast downloads.


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