These are Extensions For Computer Devices and Add-ons that make working on our laptops and Chromebooks an awesome experience. They include:


Firstly, the Todoist extension is used to organize your schedule, no matter how hectic into a neat, easy-to-use HTML interface. This helps one to keep track of everything that needs to be done. It creates a task manually and from highlighted texts. The extension sometimes hangs though and can be glitchy.

Extensions For Computer Devices

Turn Off the Lights

Secondly, it turns off the lights. This extension lets you watch videos in the browser more easily by dimming the outer areas of the page. This helps you to focus on the video you are watching. This visual effect can be switched on and off from the lamp button in the toolbar. The extension provides other customizable options, including atmosphere lighting, flash detection, and eye protection. It can work on a variety of websites and it dims automatically. The extension is however not compatible with all video sites.

Google Arts and Culture

Furthermore, is Google Arts and Culture. It brings collections and exhibits from across the globe to your living room or office. A button on a new page can be clicked to list the most visited sites. There is however no option to save images seen here.

Super Auto Refresh Plus

The Super Auto Refresh Chrome extension refreshes a user’s current browsing or working page. This is done at the user’s defined interface. It saves lots of stress having to keep pressing the refresh key over and over again to refresh a web page. The Refresh options range from two seconds to sixty minutes and the countdown timer can be shown or hidden. This extension however occasionally shuts down.


Wikiwand provides access to information just like Wikipedia. The content though on Wikiwand is much more attractive and neat. Moreso,  Articles on Wikiwand can be shared and it allows for bookmarking links and texts. Images on the content here however do not always appear.

Speed Dial

This allows for the customization of the browser’s view tab page in several ways. It provides visual bookmarks and recently closed tabs can be shown using the Speed Dial extension.

Silber Bird

It is an extension that allows one to manage his or her Twitter account from Chromebook without leaving the toolbar of the browser. The timeline here can be viewed from a pop-out window. The downside with this extension is that it sometimes closes unexpectedly.

Shortcuts for Google

This add-on for chrome can be used to access several Google services. It supports over five hundred services and managing these services come easy with this extension. The frequent update pop-ups for this add-on however can be annoying.

Session Buddy

Lastly, this extension allows you to reopen tabs that have been stowed away very quickly and it also keeps track of your past sessions. Thus you can always get you previously worked on tab open again even if your laptop crashes or shuts off without warning.

In conclusion, these Extensions For Computer Devices are the best available for your smartest work and web pleasure.


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