Chromebooks have developed into some of the most versatile devices out there. Various extensions are available to enable you to work smarter on Chromebook. You can power up your device with these awesome chrome add-ons and these browser extensions are available free of charge from the Chrome Web Store. They include:


Adblock for YouTube

Adblock for YouTube ranks among the most downloaded extensions. It blocks ads automatically and stops most pre-video adds. This gives you extra time to concentrate on what you really want to do online. Furthermore, frequent updating of the extension also takes place. But it can stop working between updates.


The Buffer extension works with multiple social channels, posting to these channels or media sites is just a click away. It provides the statistics you need and analyses social activities. It however cannot manage other peoples’ accounts and images used here must be added manually.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Thirdly, Checker Plus keeps tabs on your email so that you don’t have to. It is rated one of the best chrome extensions. One can click it to see all of his or her emails without opening the full Gmail web page. It also supports a do not disturb mode and has customization options. The shortcut keys here though might not work as expected and it allows automatic Google updates.

CrxMouse Chrome Gestures

This extension helps one to navigate web pages easily. It has fully customizable gestures, allowing you to perform almost any action with a click of the mouse or a movement of the mouse or a combination of both. Scrolling to the top or bottom of pages, refreshing the current site, or moving to another tab is easily carried out by the CrxMouse extension.


In addition to others, it opens a list of your downloaded files in a new tab when tapped on. Downloads are one of the most straightforward Google Chrome extensions. It is user-friendly and has easy shortcuts. Meanwhile, cannot be customized and it has limited functionality.

Evernote Web Clipper

The Evernote Service lets you maintain a virtual workspace containing articles, notes, lists, photos, and other documents in a centralized location. It lets you easily clip articles, images, and other web page content from within the Chromebook browser. These notes can be shared with other users using the Work Chat feature.

Finally, Image screenshots can be taken in place of clipping the whole page and it supports keyboard shortcuts.


Lastly, the Google Chrome add-on lets you capture and save full web pages as an image file. It can capture a complete page or a selected area of a page. These pages can be saved as PDF, JPG, or PNG, and its print button makes printing easy. But, annotations and the option to export to other programs require the pro version.


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