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Five best Google Chrome Plugins for Business

What do you know about Google chrome Plugins? However, we will talk about Chrome Extensions which includes Zoom for GSuite and DocuSign, etc that can help you stay secure and productive.

Google Plugins are can be an easy and short way to access programs on Google Chrome pages. Thus, there are tools used to enhance your browsing experience. As the case may be, these Plugins are been phased out by Google as they move forward to using only extensions instead. Concurrently, the Adobe Flash is the last plugin left.Google Chrome Plugins

With the above hint, you could have a hint about what this is trying to talk about. Therefore, let’s move to the five best Google Chrome Plugins for

Best Google Chrome Plugins for Business

Zoom for GSuite

Zoom for GSuite allows users to schedule, Join, Manage, and customize meetings from mail and Google Calendar. With Zoom meetings, you can make HD Videos, audio and as well share content across mobile, desktops, phones and conferences.

This is not far fetched from you as you can use your chrome extension on your browser to schedule a Zoom Meeting with from an email. With this, you can automatically add the topic, attendees, and as well as attachments following the subject, recipients and sent documents.

It is easier for you to add meeting details to your calendar as it involves just a click in chrome and as well customizes meeting options.


DocuSign is a way to sign electronically. However, this platform allows you to manage electronic agreements. Now, eSignature is part of their services that allows you to sign electronically on different devices. Furthermore, it lets you prepare, sign, and as well manage agreements electronically via your various G Suite applications.

You can as well access these services for free which offers you unlimited signing and as well send a document for others to sign (Maximum of three). With a click on your browser, you can access all of your signed documents from DocuSign. Of course, it will be stored in DocuSign’s secure cloud storage.

Zoho Vault

This is exactly what a business needs. Zoho Vault is a password manager that helps in securing, share and manage passwords and other sensitive data. You can as well access them from anywhere. Fortunately, it is now part of the Google Chrome plugin. So you can now encrypt your password as it offers your business with the strongest encryption standard-AES-256. Via the Chrome plugin, you can now share passwords among your employees.

This system also permits a direct connection to websites and applications without having entered the login credentials yourself. Now see how Google Chrome extension plays in; users of Google Chrome Extension users can allow passwords accessible to users and to also user groups in bulk and as well block the access when a user quits all with just a click on their browser. Mind you, users’ activities can as well be tracked anywhere from a mobile phone with Google Chrome.


EasyBib is an educative platform that offers citation, research tools and it is easy to use and educational. EasyBib is effective, fast and comprehensive.  It is an easy way to add your bibliography automatically as it helps you to alphabetize your citations and add them at the end of your paper.  We often refer it as a citation generator that automatically cites books, Journal articles, and websites at just entering the titles or URLs. Now the Google Chrome plugin generates citations in APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and over 7,000 other styles.

After you are done creating your bibliography, go ahead and click on Generate Bibliography in your browser.

Lucidchart Diagrams

Lucidchart Diagrams is a plugin for visual workspace. This works by combining diagrams, data visualization, and to produce information. The add-on feature in Gmail allows you to combine Lucidchart diagrams in Gmail. But there are certain things you will access when your Lucidchart is connected to Gmail. Here are there

  • You will be able to access recent Lucidchart documents directly with Gmail.
  • You can manage permission via the integrations tab; this applies to when you own the document.
  • Easily create a new Lucidchart document.

This is just a few from what you can access having Lucidchart connected to Gmail.


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