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How To Create Google Chrome Themes google chrome themes dark Google has doled out a generous portion of themes that its users can use all day on their browser to avoid their browser looking bland and generic. Google also gives you the liberty of making your theme yourself with an excellent extension that enables you to easily build and export your themes from a simple graphical interface.

How to Create Google Chrome Themes

Start by launching the Chrome browser.

Then scroll to either the Chrome Web Store and search for Chrome Theme Creator, or go straight to the Chrome Theme Creator page.

Thereafter, choose ‘Add to Chrome’ to get the theme creator installed on Chrome.

You will be directed by Chrome to its app tab. Search for and choose the Theme Creator icon.

You will be redirected to the Theme Creator website where you can create and customize your theme. Start by giving your new theme a name using the field in the upper left of the page.

Pick a high-resolution image with which to base your theme around.

Once the image has been uploaded, you’ll notice a preview on the right of your screen. Make use of the controls below the image to adjust your background image.

Choose to Generate Colors to create a color scheme for your theme depending on the image you have just uploaded.

Once you choose Generate Colors, the website will instantly update your preview to show you the colors it detected from the image you uploaded.

If you want to alter any of the colors, choose the Colors button. Beneath this button, you can choose any of the colors for your browser window and change them anyhow you want it.

The next step to take is to choose Pack and Install to package your new theme as an extension for Chrome.

Chrome will send you a warning to intimate you on the fact that malicious extensions can harm your computer. Choose to install your theme.

It will take Chrome a few seconds to download and apply your theme. Once it does, your browser window will change to reflect the new theme.

There you have it, you can now make as many themes as deem fit using the above-outlined steps. You can agree that the steps are quite simple, and if you are fast with your fingers, you can have it done in minutes.

Creating your original themes for Chrome is now easier than ever before.


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