Google Blog – create a Google Blog Free | Install Blogger Template

Google Blog is otherwise called Blogger by most people. The reason it is called Google Blog is that it is owned by Google and for that reason, you also need a Google account to get started with it. Currently, Blogger is now a blog-publishing service that allows a Google account owner to create multiple blogs. This is a platform or service you should consider if you want to get something from the internet.Google Blog – create a Google Blog Free | Install Blogger Template

For your notice, using this service is free but you should understand that making use of this service will create a Subdomain of This simply means that a new website will be created for you. This is also recognized as a blog. In that case, the website will bear the URL or web address of your name.blogspot.

When you publish on this platform, as time goes on, you will earn from the website. You will think of how can earn from the website? It is quite simple! Just keep displaying adverts on it. You as well customize the blog to your standard and the way you want it to be.

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Over the article, you will be shown how you can create a Google Blog for Free, and also how you can install Blogger Template and all you need to know about Google Blog otherwise known as Blogger.

Create a Google Blog Free

This is free and simple to create. Just follow the below steps to create will a new blogger account successfully.

  • Navigate to your internet browser and search for the URL at www.blogger .com. ensure you are connected to the internet. But at first, you must have signed in your Google Account on your browser first.
  • On the homepage, you will ask to enter a display name. This question is meant for those who have not created any blog with the Google account. That is first-timers.
  • Click on the dropdown arrow at the top left sidebar of the screen and click on “New Blog”.
  • Present a title for the blog and an address. The URL is actually the address others can use to access your blog and then the name is actually the title to the blog.
  • Choose a theme you would love to use for the blog and click on “Create Blog”
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On that note, you will be redirected to the dashboard of the new blog which you just created. This will only happen if you successfully followed the above steps simultaneously.

google blog

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How to Install Blogger Template

Most times, people find it difficult in installing the template on blogger but you will be shown how to do that in the below paragraph. At first, you ought to have downloaded the blogger template from another site before now.

  • Login to your blogger Dashboard and click on “theme” tab or text for the left sidebar.
  • Navigate to and click on “Backup/restore” button at the top right side of the page.
  • Under “Upload a theme from a file on your hard drive section”, click on “Choose File”
  • Highlight the file folder and open or you click on the file that ends in.XML.
  • Hit on the upload button and wait till the theme has been uploaded successfully.’
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Afterwards, click on the view blog button to see the new look of your blog.

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