Plugins And Add-Ons For Easy Surfing On Chrome. These are extensions available out there that make working with chrome worthwhile. They offer different amazing options that make working or surfing on chrome easier. They include:

Plugins And Add-Ons For Easy Surfing On Chrome

Recent Tabs

This is a Keyboard-based task switching plugin and add-on exiting mode easy surfing on chrome. However, it allows a person to flip between the current tab he or she is currently working on and the previous tab worked on. As a result, it saves a lot of stress, thereby increasing levels of productivity. To do this requires you to tap on the necessary keyboard shortcut. However, only certain keyboard shortcuts are available.


Secondly, is Vimium. It replaces all browser navigation with keyboard shortcuts rather than the traditional use of the mouse. This is great for users who appreciate keyboard shortcuts and do not enjoy using the mouse. Links selection, scrolling, and all other tasks are carried out through these shortcuts. It however takes a little while to get a handle on all the keyboard shortcuts.

Earth View from Google Earth

This plugin provides a better visual experience than a plain white page. In addition, it gives off a beautiful start page and this page loads quickly. New images get added regularly and the plugin does not slow down your browser unnecessarily with functions like clock, to-do lists, calendar, and others. The images here are hand-selected and with very high quality.

Google Earth affords us the opportunity to see more of the beautiful earth.

The Great Suspender

This helps in suspending tabs. The tabs do not upload and they remain unclosed. Visiting the tabs again, you can unsuspend it and thus reload the page. This saves memory space and battery.

Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader presents texts and images in a clear and easy to read format. It is an excellent add-on that clears away clutter from articles and removes distractions too. It can also cut out auto-playing videos. However, it is not universally effective and it sometimes removes relevant images.


This allows users to hide annoyances, replace texts, and change colors. It can change the display of websites by adding your styling code on top of them. A stylus is an awesome tool for the recent dark mode interface trend. It provides the greatest control over your web browsing experience and has deep customization options.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail places an icon in your toolbar that automatically updates when new Gmail messages arrive. Select the icon and you will get a short preview of the message. When you select the message, it opens with the extension.

Almost all email readings can be done through Checker Plus. This eliminates the need for a persistent Gmail tab and it provides instantaneous updates when a new mail arrives.

These plugins and add-ons make surfing the net via chrome easy.



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