CHROMEBOOK SECURITY – Keep Your Details On Chromebook Safe

There are ways to keep your information on Chromebook and your laptop safe. CHROMEBOOK SECURITY safeguards your Chromebook from getting compromised.

Managing Your Logins

Controlling who logs in is key to keeping your Chromebook safe. One way to do this is to click on the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen, then click the settings. Select Manage other people and turn on the toggle for Restrict sign in to the following users.

Without doing the above, anyone can log in and use your Chromebook.


Start from your Google Account

The password for your Google account is also your password for your Chromebook. It is better you use a combination of lower and uppercase letters, along with non-alphabetic characters, such as numbers or symbols.

Enabling a two-factor authentication also provides an extra layer CHROMEBOOK SECURITY . Two-factor authentication ensures you confirm all logins with your phone before the login is successful. It however cannot prevent someone from unlocking a Chromebook that is asleep.

Updating Chrome OS

When you are prompted to install an update, it is best to do so immediately. Failure to do this can leave your Chromebook at risk of being compromised. Such updates only take a few minutes. If you want to check for updates manually, click on the clock. Then click the hamburger menu and select Check for updates.

Using Chrome Extension

Chrome extension secures your browser against threats to your security. Extensions like HTTPS Every keeps you on encrypted websites and Avast Online security keeps you safe while browsing.

Avoid bad Extensions

As powerful as Chrome extensions are, the wrong ones would do more damage to your Chromebook. To avoid such bad extensions, you should

  • Check the developer of the extension. An extension without a website or web presence is a no-no
  • Only install extensions from the official Chrome extension store
  • Read the entire description of the chrome extension. One has to be careful with reviews. Certain sites pay to have positive reviews, so you have to be cautious with sites that have all positive and seemingly flattery comments.


Sleep Locking

Chromebook enters sleep mode in several ways, including

  • Pressing the Magnifying glass + L on your keyboard
  • Closing the lid
  • Clicking the clock or lock icon
  • Pressing and holding the power button
  • Pressing and holding the lock button
  • Walking away from your Chromebook

Locking your Chromebook is necessary so that no one else can use it.

Stolen Chromebooks

You can secure your Chromebook by accessing your Google account in case your Chromebook gets stolen or gets missing. To do this on your Google account, click Security. Recent activities carried on the Chromebook will be displayed as well as the state or place where it was used. From here, you can even sign out of your Chromebook on the screen displayed. This will help in keeping your data safe and from being compromised, even though you may not recover the Chromebook itself.

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