ANDROID APP FOR CHROMEBOOK-Enriching Chromebook Experience

Chromebooks can access android apps from Google Play Store. The Android app for Chromebook enriches your Chromebook experience. To download such apps, a person would have to be using the Chrome OS version 53 or later, or you would have to update your Chromebook.ANDROID APP FOR CHROMEBOOK-Enriching Chromebook Experience

The downloadable apps

File Manager by Astro

The file manager app. This android app for Chromebook gives you a single place to store and manage your files. Such files can also be backed up, so you don’t get to lose them. The file manager also helps you to sort and categorize files in a convenient way.

Tick Tick To-Do list

This is an improvement over the Google Tasks.  Android App For Chromebook such as this gives users more robust features including easy-to-do list items with deadlines and reminders. It has the ability to tag tasks and it has a Pomodoro timer as well as a habit tracker to help you build new habits using daily task reminders. The Tick Tick To-Do lists can sync across devices.

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Aqua Mail Email App


Android App For Chromebook,  like this Aqua Mail Email App, provides the ability to connect multiple services to the integration with cloud storage and it has robust security features. Multiple email accounts from different email services are accessed here, and it also has an OANTH2 authorization feature. It however forces you to use the “sent from Aqua Mail” signature line.

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Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus has one of the best security features. It hides browsing history and prevents websites from tracking your movements while you are online. Pages also load faster on the Firefox browser. It however causes the computer battery to drain faster.

Photo Editor Pin-Polish

Polish is a full feature photo editor that offers tons of filters. It allows users to change the colors of images, adjust lighting, add filters, create collages, and add text. It also has a body editor for slimming faces and bodies.

Squid-Take Notes and Markup PDFs

This program allows users to use the stylus or active pen for taking notes. Users can combine gestures with the inking capabilities to create and move through documents faster. These notes can also be shared or stored in the cloud. It also allows for the opening and editing of PDFs.

GoPro Quik

This app offers a free, easy to use video creating and editing application for Chromebook. The GoPro Quick is well known for action cameras, and users can choose to edit existing videos or create videos from up to 75 still images. Soundtracks too can be selected here.



This is one of the top-rated apps. It can stream music, sports, and audiobooks. It allows for a free trial period, though you would have to pay for the subscription when the free trial is over.

These Android App For Chromebooks will help better your experience on the web.