Use JTV PayPal Credit – New Payment Option For Customers

Are you a customer of JTV? Do you know that they now have a new payment option for their customers? The option is called JTV PayPal Credit.  With the PayPal credit option, JTV customers can make payment for their purchases while checking out of malls or stores. You can just apply for the card, get approved, and use it to pay for your purchases at and in all other places, PayPal is accepted. Interestingly, PayPal permits customers to either pay for all purchased items once or pay for them over a period of time. This payment option is easy and safe.


If you are already a customer of JTV

completing the online application process is very simple. Once you choose the items you want to buy, choose PayPal credit as the payment option on the payment page. Answer some questions, review the terms and conditions, and accept them. They will immediately carry out a credit check to see if you are creditworthy. After a few minutes, if you are actually creditworthy, you will get approved. It is far easier than applying for a normal credit card.

Furthermore, to apply for the credit, go to www.jtvcom/ While applying, you will supply your date of birth, billing address. And the last 4 digits of your social security number. After that, carefully review and sign the E-sign consent. Accept the terms and conditions. Once you get approval, you can use your new line of credit with PayPal whenever. You go shopping at JTV or anywhere else that PayPal is acceptable as a valid means of payment.

However, if you are just a guest or a first-time buyer on, you will go through the application process for each checkout you decide to make in the future. But registered customers of JTV can use their credit for each order they make by clicking on PayPal credit while checking out.

To know more about stores that accept PayPal Credit

go to You will see all the stores as well as online malls that permit their registered customers to pay with PayPal credit.

For individuals who cannot easily access a credit card of their choice, this is a perfect option to use and make payments for their purchases. As a JTV customer, hurry up, apply, and register to make purchases faster without any stress at all.

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