Target Pharmacy – enjoy the Target Pharmacy Rewards Program

Are you a Target Customer who has chosen Target Pharmacy to purchase your prescriptions? If so, there is good news for you. You can enjoy the Target Pharmacy Rewards Program. It is completely free to join the program and you have a lot of benefits to enjoy. Customers will earn a certificate of 5% off on a day of shopping and 5% off on their entire purchase. To get the free perk, you must fill 5 eligible prescriptions. Once you fill the prescriptions, you will receive the certificate and promotional codes through the mail, they come with an expiration date, try to use them before then. Furthermore, customers who have Red Card can add their rewards with the 5% everyday savings they get with it.

Target Pharmacy - enjoy the Target Pharmacy Rewards Program

To monitor your online account

To monitor your reward points and control your prescriptions in your online account, go to  From there you can review all your account details including your reward details and payment details, transaction history, and lots more. You can also make some personal changes such as changing your name, address, adding, or removing dependent relatives. Once you log into your account, click on the edit section and make the changes.

If you really want to get your reward points faster and easier, add a secondary guest to your account. This secondary guest should be a member of your family who frequently visits the pharmacy like you. It could be your spouse, child, mother, father or sibling. The relative will help you to grow your reward points very fast. This will allow you to save more on your shopping and enjoy more discounts. Do you know that you can add up to 7 secondary guests to your account to help boost your rewards?

It is very important to know

that Target Pharmacy Rewards Certificates cannot be redeemed on the following: prescriptions, gift cards, gift wrappings, shipping and handling, prepaid cards, purchases, and lots more. You can make eligible purchases in in-stores or on the Target website.

To help you get more details about the Target Pharmacy Rewards Program when you go to their website go through all the details. You can as well go to the Frequently Asked Questions section. There, you will see a lot of questions that you may need answers to. Take time to carefully review them before you enroll for an online account. If you have chosen Target Pharmacy to purchase your prescriptions, hurry and get the online account to enjoy all of its benefits.


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