Wells Fargo Online Rewards Program

Are you a Wells Fargo credit card holder? Did you apply for the Wells Fargo Rewards Program? If yes, you can access their account online at the Wells Fargo Rewards Program web portal. On the website, cardholders can redeem the rewards points they have earned with a lot of redemption choices to choose from.

Go to the Wells Fargo Online Rewards Program website and carefully review the Rewards Catalog, gift cards, merchandise, digital rewards, limited time offer, travel and lots more.  The website is very easy to use, all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

Once you go to the website, as a cardholder, click on the Login link on the home page. Supply your Username and Password to sign in to your account. In case you forgot your Username and Password, click on the “Forgot Password“ button and follow the instructions provided to reset or retrieve your login details.

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If you are a first time user on the website, click on the “Sign up Now“ button to enroll. Within minutes, you can set up your account and view all the reward programs you have earned. You can as well see the variety of options you have in case you do not like your particular reward.

Cardholders are free to trade their rewards with other gifts of the same price as their rewards. This is what I find most interesting about this rewards program, knowing that I can trade my rewards with other gifts that I need which are of the same price.

Do you know that you have certain perks to increase your earning ability? You can do this through the “Earn More Mall“. With that option, you can shop at over 3,000 participating retailers in the Earn More Mall network. You can enjoy special offers and deals.

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With the exclusive shopping network, you get to increase your earnings when you shop for merchandise, travel, fashion, electronics, and other goods. Be careful while shopping to avoid spending above your means just to earn rewards. Credit card money is a debt that you will still pay at the end of the month. Buy things you planned for only.

Even though cardholders who are members of this program enjoy great discounts and earn rewards, do not spend beyond your credit limit. Spending beyond your credit limits will lead you to more debt and as well spoil your credit history and score. Just use wisdom to spend and make sure to pay fully at the end of each month.


The Wells Fargo Rewards Program is best suitable for frequent shoppers of electronics, merchandise, and gift cards. If you sell any of these items, take advantage of the rewards program.

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