Checking the Status of Your Credit Card Online

Checking the Status of Your Credit Card Online

If you have lost your credit card statement or have not yet received by mail or if you prefer a digital copy, you should be able to delete your last online payment summary with a few clicks. Banks and credit card companies provide access to an online account.

Create an online account | Checking the Status of Your Credit Card Online

An online account has to be created to access the account statement on the card issuer’s website. If you have obtained a credit card through your bank, you can access your credit card account via your account. There is probably an Internet address where you can create an online account. To create an account, you will provide basic identification information and create a username and password.

Checking the Status of Your Credit Card Online

Go Get Your Account statement | Checking the Status of Your Credit Card Online

You will see basic information about your account after the registration: last balance, available credit, the minimum amount to be paid, the date of the last payment date and a list of transactions. You will also see a link that will take you to a copy of the account statement, which will probably be in the form of a PDF file that you can download.

Make a Payment

To make a payment, you will need a bank account and a route number, you can not make payments with another credit card other than the one approved. You can also make an online payment.

Use cashless policy

A credit card company can give you the option of subscribing to electronic billing. If you register, you will no longer receive credit card statements by post. Instead, you will receive an e-mail when the credit card statement is ready for online viewing.

Stay up to date with account activity

Do ensure you check your account activity more often, you can do that via online tracking. Many banks, credit unions, and other credit card issuers also have mobile applications that help track activity using a mobile phone.

When to make your bill payment

If you have to wait for a monthly statement before making payments is not always the best way to pay your bill. The percentage of loans used is one of the things that affect the credit score, and the balance is usually calculated in three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion in monthly statements. Keeping your balance below 30% of the credit limit is best for your creditworthiness.

By tracking your account online, you can pay enough before generating your statement so that your balance falls below the 30% mark.


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