Know the status of your credit card

A closed credit card can not be used to make purchases, for you to use your credit card that means it has to remain open and has a good credit report.  But there are situations in which your credit can not be used or becomes ineffective. First, when it’s been long either several years or month of non-usage of your cad then your card company gets you off, secondly, your credit card can become inactive as a result of debt owned by you. Your card might become inactive upon expiration and then you are yet to receive another card.

Know the status of your credit card

So when your credit becomes inactive as a result of the three above reasons mentioned, it cannot be used for any transaction. Sometimes you might be totally unaware about your credit card status but you can check to know if your card is still active or not.

You can contact the customer service representative

This is one of the easiest ways to check the status of your credit card account. Most credit cards have its customers’ service number written at the back of the card for their customers to inquire about the status of their accounts.  Your account will be reactivated if it’s inactive when you place a call.

Engage your credit card with transactions

Another way you can easily detect or know the status of your card is by trying it out on transactions, use your card to make purchases and if it’s rejected then it’s a sign of inactive which can mean either the card has expired, or probably you’ve reached your credit limit

There are other cases of stolen or misplaced credit cards

When your credit card is stolen or you misplaced it, you can contact your card company via their website. Some of your personal information would be requested including your social security number for a replacement to be sent to you.

Go through your credit statement

A regular check on your credit reports will help you know the status of your credit. Most Credit card companies usually send a report to the credit divisions every month at least once.

When your card is closed

When your card is closed you can simply get it opened or activated by calling your cards customer service. You will be required to settle previous balances or accumulated debts in other to make use of your card again.

When you contact your cards customer service and you’re informed that your account is active, you should also find out your remaining balance and the available credit you have before making any purchases or transactions so that you will be certain that you’re not going beyond the limit of credit.