At any point a user is tired of using a Gmail account or wants to get rid of certain accounts or usernames previously created, the following discourse makes it easier.

One can delete a Gmail account and all the messages in it, while retaining Google, YouTube, and other related accounts.HOW TO DELETE GMAIL ACCOUNT

If a Gmail account is that of a school or company, then only the administrator of the account can delete the Gmail account.

Once such steps are taken, emails and account settings may be permanently erased and their user would neither be able to use the Gmail account to send or receive mails nor would the account be available for any other person to use in the future.

After deleting a Gmail account, all Google accounts the email address is associated with remains standing.

Users will have access to other Google accounts such as Google Drive, calendar, and google play. They just have to provide an alternative email address that will be used to sign in to the Google Account when it is necessary.

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Google hasn’t specified how long it takes after the deletion of the account before the information is actually erased, thus on changing one’s mind, one can recover a person’s Gmail address and emails.

For those interested in deleting the whole Google accounts, it will come with losing everything that’s associated with the account, meaning all content in Google Photos, Google Drive, and Google calendar will be lost.

Matter of factly, any Google chrome browser synced with the account, loses all information attached to the browser. Also, the user will not have access to subscriptions purchased on YouTube, and Google plays with such an account.

With all these in mind, the steps for deleting Gmail Account and Google Account entails:


  1. Go to and sign in to your Gmail Account.
  2. On the upper right-hand corner, click the grid icon there and select “Account”
  3. Under the Account preferences section, click on “Delete your account or services”
  4. Select and click on “Delete Products”
  5. Enter password
  6. Click on “Download Data” to save specific information from being permanently erased
  7. Click on trash can icon next to “Gmail”
  8. Enter an alternate email address
  9. Click on “Send Verification Email”
  10. Open the received email on the alternate email from Google
  11. Follow the deletion link in the message
  12. Once you get a prompt, log into the Gmail account you intend to delete
  13. Select “Yes, I want to delete “
  14. Click “Delete Gmail”
  15. Click Done
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  1. Go to Google Account settings
  2. Click the grid icon and select “Account”
  3. Click on “Delete Google Account and data”
  4. Enter your password
  5. Click on “download data” to save important information from being permanently erased (Optional)
  6. Click on “Delete Account”


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