Instagram is a social networking site that allows for the posting of a person’s photos or videos. Users also make Live videos to either pass on a message or just for fun. Instagram Live videos have become a very important part of the social networking processes.

WATCH INSTAGRAM LIVE  videos on a computer or TV and be incredibly convenient. Instagram Live allows one to watch video streams. Persons they follow in real-time, this one doesn’t have to always tune in from a smartphone.

Instagram Live videos can be viewed from any desktop. Web browser through and with a casting or screen mirroring device. It can be also be watched on a television screen.


Watching Instagram Live on a bigger screen allows one to. See the video content from further away and even in greater detail. Thereby making it easier for the person to follow instructions given in. The video and it also allows for several persons to watch the same screen. Thus a hands-free viewing is guaranteed and it is easier to multitask while watching. This is especially true with videos about dancing, tech or science tutorials and practicals. Cooking, craft-making, and several others.

Watching Instagram Live via is done by:

  1. Firstly, go to in your preferred desktop web browser and sign in to your Instagram account.
  2. Secondly, look at your stories feed at the top of the main feed. A person’s profile picture will appear at the point of the field labeled with a Live icon if he or she is currently streaming Live.
  3. Thirdly, tap any user’s profile picture with the LIVE icon on it to view their Live video
  4. Also, the Live video comes up with the comment section on the right and the viewer count is displayed at the top of the right corner.
  5. Type a comment or comments on the comment field and click Post to post it
  1. To stop watching an Instagram Live video, click the X in the top right corner

If you are more interested in watching the video of other users and less interested in engaging by commenting on the videos, a browser like IG stories for Instagram could be very well installed and used.

This feature was formerly used for tuning into Instagram Live videos on the desktop web.

IG stories also offer the following features:

  1. You view videos while remaining anonymous
  2. By clicking Hide Comments on the side of the comment section, the comment section becomes invisible.

Watching Instagram Live on a Television screen

With a casting or screen mirroring device, connecting your computer or smartphone to your television, a person can watch Instagram Live videos conveniently on TV. This is very achievable using Chromecast from windows or Chromecast from iOS or Android.

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