Watch Live TV with Xfinity Go App

Do you want to watch TV with Xfinity Go App? You can do so because Verizon and Xfinity from Comcast merged to bring live TV, your favorite movies and movies, and TV shows to your mobile devices. Am sure you find this very interesting. Now you know you can watch and download live videos through your WIFI or Verizon Wireless 4G LTE phone network.Xfinity Go App

To enjoy this offer, buy and activate a Verizon Wireless tablet or phone along with a 2 years activation. You will as well get a bonus of $200 Visa Prepaid Card. With this bonus on your prepaid card, you will be able to make purchases on select goods and enjoy the offer. Customers can stream, watch, and download every video they can and have all the fun they need.

If you need a new smartphone or tablet, now is the best time to buy it at a ridiculously low price. You will as well get the device with all the Xfinity services mentioned above such as the bonus, 2 years activation as well as the opportunity to watch and download videos of your choice.

The Blackberry, HTC One, LG, Nokia Lumina, Motorola Moto X, Galaxy Tablet, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPad Air, Droid Mini, Maxx, Razr, iPhone 5S and lots more are the available phones, tablets, and devices at the moment. You can choose from the variety above and even lots more in the store.

The bonus and offer are not forever, it lasts for only a few weeks. In case you need any of the devices, you can hurry up to make your order purchases before the expiration date comes. There is a Comcast customer care agent – 1-888-972-6133 that you can call in case you have a problem with your purchases.

If you have questions about the devices, you can call the line above to have your questions answered immediately. You are free to call the number during the working hours of 8:30 – 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Moreover, you can go to the Xfinity Go App website to get more details about their offers. Take time to thoroughly review the contents of each device, bonuses, and discounts before making your purchases.  In their website, you will as well see the Frequently Asked Questions Section.

Here, you will get answers to most of the questions that may have been bothering you. The customer care agents are always friendly and willing to answer all your questions correctly without hesitation. Hurry now to grab all the bonuses and discount offers if you need a new mobile device.


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