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Hulu is an online streaming website that lets you stream TV and movies live online. Not minding the season, users can watch movies, shows both in the past season and the current episodes. This company was launched by the collaboration of Comcast and Walter Disney Company. Hulu Live TV Review will help you get a better insight into Hulu services.Hulu Live TV Review

 About Hulu

This is one of the most popular streaming TV shows based in the US. This company based on projecting new TV shows and its original content over documentaries or movies and then provides tires on subscription to customize customers watching experience.

This service has nothing to do with any installation appointments that have to do with having Hulu subscription and also, there is no hidden fee attached to the service. This is a site whereby you can view live TV shows and other shows at anywhere you are provided you are signed in to their services.

Interesting! This site has a way of allowing users to watch content while they are offline. When you make use of “Hulu’s ad-free plans” you can download about 25 shows/ movies across 5 different streaming devices and then watch the downloaded item within 30 days.

Hulu Live TV Review

There is another feature known as Hulu Live which requires subscribers should get access to their account and then watch live videos online on this platform using their preferred device. Thus users can stream TV episodes of the modern family, empire and other popular movies live on their devices.

Hulu Account

Signing up for an account on Hulu is very important when it comes to streaming live favorite show. Thus to start streaming live content online, you ought to create an account. However, free trials are made available for fresh and qualified returning subscribers. In case you want to give a trial, you need to sign up for an account by following the below steps.

How to Sign up

  • For you to sign up, navigate to the for the official home page.
  • Now when the homepage opens up, you will see the four different plans for the streaming site which include Hulu (No Ads), Hulu, Hulu + TV, and Hulu Disney + ESPN.
  • Under each plan, you will see the benefits and the amount for each plan to enable you to decide on the one you want
  • Now locate and click on the select button under the plan that you want to go for.
  • Follow up on the onscreen instructions and complete the signup process.

What are the channels you can watch live?

Here you will see a few devices you can use to view shows live on Hulu. These include iOS devices, Android devices, Chromecast, Fire Tv, Xbox one, 4th generation Apple Tv, Firesticks, etc.

There are about 60 channels that you can view live. Let’s look at just a few of them. These include; CNN, FX, Fox News, MSNBC and Food Network.


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