Instagram creator accounts are accounts aimed more at content creators. Artists, Instagram influencers, and public figures rather than large organizations. Brands, and companies. It is similar to the social network’s business account. But they are specifically designed for individuals. With a large following who are looking to create their brand or own personal businesses.USING AN INSTAGRAM CREATOR ACCOUNT - FEATURES AND LIMITS

While large companies run business accounts, Instagram influencers gear towards creator accounts. Though there are no real restrictions on who can have which sort of Instagram account, one is.  Allowed to try which one suits him or her the most. The main difference between the Business and the Creator account is the. Instagram shop feature which is only for the business account owners.

Features of the Instagram Creator Accounts

The following are the main features available with an Instagram Creator account:

  1. Firstly, contact options: One has the opportunity. To display any contact of his choice or display none at all
  2. Secondly, quick replies: Replies to direct messages can be offered quickly since the ability to.  Select from a variety of prewritten replies is available
  3. Customized category labels: You can choose from different job categories such as Writer. Video Game Content Creator, Sportsperson, Actors, Artists, and others. This option can be disabled too
  4. Inbox Filter Options: Messages in Direct Message.  There can be sorted out using the primary and general tabs
  5. Influencer Shoppable Posts: The creator account offers support for adding shoppable tags to your posts. That link to another account’s store. This is effective in making money on Instagram with sponsored posts.
  6. Better insights: Information or data is provided. Which helps to track posts doing well and when users follow or unfollow you.

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Once complete, your creator account is ready to use! You’ll start seeing new insights and direct message features immediately.

Limitations to Creator’s Account

While there are lots of features appealing to influencers with a creator account. The following limitations exist:

(A) Lack of Instagram Shop Feature

This feature is lacking in a solo creator account. To run a shop from your own Instagram profile in order to sell your products. You will need to own an Instagram Business account.

(B) Lack of third-party app support

The Creator’s API is not supported by third parties.


For those running an Instagram Business account through. A service such as a Tailwind or Hootsuite. You would not be able to switch to a Creator account.

How to switch to an Instagram Creator Account

Switching from a personal to a business or creator account can be done anytime. Switching to a creator account entails:

  1. Firstly, go to the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device
  2. Secondly, tap the hamburger menu in the top-right corner on the Instagram profile
  3. Also, tap Settings
  4. Then, tap Account
  5. Tap Switch to Creator Account
  6. Tap Next
  7. Lastly, tap Done

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