Instagram Business And Personal Account – Pros and Cons

In 2016 when Instagram introduced business profiles, most firms and social media marketers were like “ should  I switch to Instagram Business Page or maintain the personal account? For many organizations could not see any difference from converting their account form personal to a business account. They are afraid of losing followers as a result of the convert.blank

In this article, I will discuss Instagram Business and personal accounts. Why brands, social media ads manager should switch o the Instagram business profile and how you can switch from Instagram personal account to the business account.

The Difference Between a Personal and Instagram Business profile.

  • The major difference between Instagram business and personal account is dependent on the target you have set to achieve.   For instance,  in the Instagram business page brands are opportune to have access to Instagram insights and also run Instagram ads.  While the personal profile you can link your Facebook account to your personal Instagram account, this gives you more coverage.
  • Before the introduction of the Instagram business profile brands always stock their bio with all possible contact information and it’s not easy to monitor the reach of your message or advert.  In contrast, the business account gives the opportunity to include your contact info and email address.
  • For some brands, having a personal account can be for advantage because of security reasons. The business page means that your page is open to the public. Therefore,  if you are more concerned about security you stick to the personal account.

Why you should Run an Instagram Business Page

As a business  outfit, they  are many reasons why you should run an Instagram business account below are some of the reasons :

  • Access to Instagram Insights:    Instagram business page gives you access to Instagram insights. This is the Instagram analytics platform that gives you access to information on the number of engagements, impressions, and audience demographics. If you are using a personal account, you may not have access to these data. Once you convert to the business profile you will be able to connect to your Instagram account to third party software for all the reports and analysis you desire. Therefore, if you wish to monitor the performance of your page and its competitive analysis. It’s advisable you use the Instagram business account. You can leverage this valuable information to develop your content. For instance, if you have important information to pass via Instagram, you already know the time your audience will be active online for them to see the message.
  • Promote Instagram Ads:  The main purpose of advertising is to reach your target audience. Instagram can help you reach any type of audience that you have in mind to target. Most businesses have leverage on the massive number of active users on Instagram to advertise their product. And all have a success story to tell. Furthermore, if you are interested in promoting one of your Instagram ads, you must be registered as a business account.  Personal accounts may be able to promote any goods or services but you will not be able to monitor the reach and also boost the advert.
  • Beef up your Instagram Account: one benefit of an Instagram business page is that you can include contact buttons so that people can easily get in touch with your brand. This means that followers don’t have to search for a phone number or email address before they can get direct contact with you. However, bear in mind that when people have issues with your company the first they will coke to lay complaint is on your social media page. Therefore steps must be in place to ensure that people are responded to time and properly to avoid negative comments on your page.
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How to switch to Instagram Business Page

Below are steps you will need to take to switch to an Instagram business page.

  • Open your Instagram account and tab on settings
  • Tap on the “Switch to Business Profile”.
  • You will be directed to a Facebook business page ( you must have admin access to the Facebook business page).
  • Choose the right category for your business. This will help people to understand what your business is about.
  • Type your contact details (email address, phone number, and contact address)

How to switch  to switch from Instagram Business Profile to Personal Account

If you wish to switch back to your personal profile for some reason I have provided for you the steps you can take to do that

  • Open your Instagram account and locate the settings tab
  • On the “ Business Settings” click on “Switch back to personal Account”.
  • A prompt will appear to make sure you want to switch to a personal account click on “Switch Back” to confirm your request.

Instagram Business And Personal Account

In this article, I will discuss Instagram Business and personal accounts. Why brands, social media ads manager should switch o the Instagram business profile


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