How To Use Instagram For Business – Use Instagram to Grow your Business

Are you new on Instagram?  Or looking for how to use your Instagram account for business?  In this post, I will be explaining to you how you can grow your business using your Instagram. It’s very vital that every business outfit is on Instagram.How To Use Instagram For Business - Use Instagram to Grow your Business

Why your Business needs to be On Instagram

Every business needs to have an Instagram account because they stand to gain many benefits. Firstly, Instagram will help your product and brand gain publicity. After Facebook the next most popular social media is Facebook. Infant, it is more preferable to use Instagram for business than Facebook because Facebook is met to connect only family and friends.

Secondly,  research shows that most of the top successful companies in the world have one or two different Instagram accounts. More importantly, Instagram users are shoppers. In other words, most IG users are online just to see the latest trending designs of the various product category. There are countless benefits you stand to gain when you have an Instagram business account.

How To Use Instagram For Business

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How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Business · Tip #1: Create quality followers over your quantity of followers. · Tip #2: Niche down to blow up.

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How to switch a personal account to an Instagram business account: 1. From your profile, tap the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner. 2.

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Basics: Set up your profile · 2. Optimize your link in bio ; 3. Geotag your posts · 4. Use the save post feature ; 7. Pay attention to captions.

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How To Use Instagram For Business

Steps on How To Use Instagram For Business

Step 1: Create an Instagram business account

If you want to use Instagram to promote your brand or product, you must have a business account separate from your personal account. I have discussed extensively on how you can set up an Instagram business account in one of my previous posts. Click here to learn more.

Step 2: Create an interesting and informative profile:

it’s not enough for you to just have an Instagram business account. For your brand to get publicity and loyal customers you must build dedicated followers. Building followers on IG does not just happen automatically, you need to build it with time. The first thing you must consider is your profile. The first impression matters a lot. If someone should visit your page for the first time, What info can he or she get about your brand and product?

Your profile includes your bio, profile picture, and name. these are the things that will determine if you will get followers or not.  Therefore, you must ensure that what people see before they follow you is interesting and informative.

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Your bio includes a short note describing your business. This is the space where you have the opportunity to tell visitors the things you do. Most importantly, it’s advisable to include a link to your site or the address to your physical location. Also, upload a good and stunning image as your profile picture. These things look little but they are the most important element in building followers.

Step 3: Create a good Instagram post and be consistent:

Now that you have gotten a reasonable amount of followers. You have to post videos and pictures content that will be captivating to your customers and get them engaged. Instagram is known as a photo share app. Therefore, it’s important to always post pictures that are catchy and interesting pictures that best describe your brand. In recent times, it’s very easy to take professional pictures with your smartphones.

More importantly, photos are very essential in Instagram shopping.  research shows that Instagram users consider pictures of the product more important than the product other words, you have to ensure that your picture is of professional quality. You can use Instagram photo editing tools to make your image stand unique. It will be nice if you can post a video of your product. nowadays brands share more videos than pictures. This strategy is employed by brands that want to pass important information on product usage to their customers.

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You have to post on a regular base because your followers need to be engaged and aware of your product

Step 4: enter into a contest with other accounts

You have to remember that social media is just alike community where you have to interact with other members. By partnering with other businesses in your niche, you can enter into a contest that will require people to your account.

Step 5: promote your  Instagram account

You will need to promote your social media handle for customers to follow and like your page.  You can achieve this by including your social media on your product packages, business cards and ads. You need to get other people to follow you on Instagram and the best to achieve this is by including hashtags on your post, commenting and share other people post

How To Use Instagram For Business

Steps on How to Use Instagram For BusinessStep 1: create an Instagram business account.Step 2 : Create an interesting and informative profile

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