Instagram is rated among the best social media platforms available. It is a top social network for both individuals and businesses. Whether you are trying to build a personal brand or tell others about your product, the following Instagram apps can help you get the message out there:



INSTAGRAM APPS such as Iconosquare helps you to analyze your followers’ behavior as regards your posts. Also it gives you a deeper understanding of who your followers are and how they are engaging with your content. It is an app that excels at analytics, thus providing you valuable statistics. It shows your post reach, impressions, video views, story analysis, follower’s age, gender, and much more.

This also allows you to manage comments, schedule posts, track hashtags, and competitors to see just how your performance measures up to them. Users with a very large following and lots of engagement will do well using Iconosquare. The app is not all-together free, it requires a monthly subscription.


Buffer makes it easy to schedule posts so that they are automatically posted at certain times of the day and on certain days of the week. It is one of the simplest tools one can start using immediately after signing up. It is one of the least complicated social media management tools available. Posting at the right time of the day can mean all the difference in how your followers see and interact with your content and Buffer makes this easy by scheduling posts.

It is free for scheduling up to ten posts and one can add multiple photos or videos to a single post.


The later app formerly known as later gramme is a top app for scheduling posts. You can schedule up to thirty photos for free and even collect user-generated Instagram content to repost to your profile. The premium account of later gives you much more. One can view, manage, and reply to all his comments from within the later dashboard. Later also has s stories feature for planning and scheduling stories, it allows for location tagging and helps in optimizing scheduled posts.


Canva adds visual elements to Photo posts. This grabs others’ attention by inspiring them to do things. Canva is easy to use, having a wide range of elements. It has a drag and drops functionality. You can upload your own photos to canvas to work on it or create a new work from scratch. Elements in Canva include shapes, symbols, lines, frames, stock photos, and others.

On Canva, your work is autosaved every few seconds to foster the event of a person losing his work. Canva is one of the most powerful free graphic design tools available. It can be used to create a professional-looking Instagram post in as little as a few minutes.

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