Cato connect Associate Website for Cato Employees

Have you heard of Cato Connect before? In this article, I want to tell you what Cato Connect is all about.Cato connect Associate Website for Cato Employees

 Cato Connect is an online web portal for employees who are newly hired in Cato Corporation. This includes those hired in stores like It’s Fashion, It’s Fashion Metro, and Versona Accessories.

Associates that are newly hired at any of the above-mentioned stores should visit, This is to enable them to establish their company benefits and start completing orientation.

The onboarding lobby is the first stage of orientation. There is a link at the bottom of Cato Connect. The link is for the Onboarding lobby where associates will enter their lobby passcode received from human resources.

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This will give them access to Onboarding paperwork. When employees have completed the necessary forms available in Onboarding, employees will tackle the next step in orientation.

Now, the next step in orientation is to get orientation benefits. The new hires must register with Cato Connect before getting the benefits. This will give them access to company benefits forms.

What you need to provide in your registration process includes Lawson Payroll Number, last 4 of your social, date of birth. Then, you create a password.

New hires can access Cato Connect once the information above is provided. This will enable them to complete their benefits forms.

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It’s optional to elect or waive benefit coverage. Also, new hires can rely on Benefit Video Guide for guidance. It is important to note that decisions about electing or waiving benefits are made during orientation. If not, you won’t be able to affect any changes until the next annual open enrollment period.

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