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SunTrust Activate My Debit Card

Are you a Sun Trust Bank Customer? Have you received a new debit card for checking your account? If yes, this article will direct you where to activate it online. The activation can be done at

The Suntrust Credit Card Activation Center is easy for customers to use 24 hours daily. Customers can activate their cards once they have received them in the mail.

How To Use

The following items must be made available to access the open field. They are the new card number, expiration date, zip code, and social security number/tax identification number.

The final step is to click the activation button. Within a few seconds, the online activation process will register your card and release it for use.

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Members can also activate their cards by calling the phone number at the back of their card and utilizing the Suntrust phone activation service.

There are some details you will need if you are activating with your phone. The details are card info, your full name, address, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your security number.

You will take the last step after your card had been activated through The step is to expunge the sticky activation sticker that is attached to your debit card. Also, make sure you sign your name in the white space at the back of your card.

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You can destroy your old card as it is no longer useful.

SunTrust Debit Card Benefits

What is the benefit of SunTrust Debit Card? Members of the bank who have a checking account at SunTrust are qualified to collect a debit card.

  • There is a particular debit card associated with each account offered at SunTrust:
  • Essential Checking/Balancing Banking: Suntrust Mastercard Classic Debit Card
  • Select Checking: Suntrust Mastercard Gold Debit Card
  • Signature Advantage Checking: Delta Skymiles MasterCard World Debit Card

Make sure you activate your card online after receiving it by mail. You can activate it at card. You can also activate it by using the automated SunTrust customer service 24/7 system through the number at the back of the card.

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