PayPal Business Debit Card – How to Apply | How to Activate Your PayPal Business Debit Card

PayPal business debit card! This is all about connecting your PayPal card to your business debit card. Business account owners make use of this platform to carry out some activities involving; withdrawing money from your PayPal account, making payment of the bill anywhere and at any time, sending funds to others, checking and managing your account, and lots more.PayPal Business Debit Card – How to Apply | How to Activate Your PayPal Business Debit Card

With the help of this card, you can access your PayPal account balance anywhere and at any time you may wish to make use of the account just with the help of your mobile phone. Just note that there is no annual fee involved while making use of PayPal debit card for any form of transaction.

This is why I will be pointing out some beneficial aspects of making use of PayPal business debit cards. Without wasting much of your time let us quickly look into the benefits of making use of this debit card.

Benefits of the PayPal Business Debit Card

  • First and famous, there is no annual charge.
  • Guarantees your card replacement in case of any emergency or should in case it gets lost.
  • You make your transaction at your own convenience.
  • They get you protected in case of any illegal payments sent from your account balance.
  • You get a cashback reward of 1 percent on the signature purchase when you sign up for the cashback reward service. There are lots more to enjoy this service.
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PayPal business debit card

PayPal Business Debit MasterCard › … › Business Debit Cards

Use your PayPal business debit card everywhere Mastercard is accepted— pay in store, online, and by adding it to your favorite wallet.

how do-i-activate-my-paypal-business-debit-mastercard® › smarthelp › article › how-do…

how do-i-activatemypaypalbusinessdebit-mastercard®

How do-I-activate-my-PayPal-Business-Debit-MasterCard® › smarthelp › article › How-do…

How do-I-activatemyPayPalBusinessDebit-MasterCard®

how do-i-activate-my-paypal-business-debit-mastercard® › smarthelp › article › how-do…

how do-i-activatemypaypalbusinessdebit-mastercard®

How to Apply for the PayPal Business Debit Card

To be part of this service debit card owner, you are required to have the listed information.

  1. You must be a legal owner of a U.S business account.
  2. You must present your valid residential address. These are the two prior things you should take note of while applying for a PayPal business debit card.
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Now there are more you are required to provide which you will see when you are filling in your details to the application form while applying for the card. Now let’s look into how to apply for the PayPal business debit card.

  • Open up your browser and visit the PayPal official site at
  • Click on the part that says “Tools” just at the top of the page.
  • Click on the “PayPal debit card”.
  • Enter your details such as first and last name, valid social security number, date of birth and so on as it appears on the form.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the card by clicking on “Agree and Continue” when you are done screening your details.

Now you can expect your PayPal business debit card once it has been approved which will be ready ranging from 7 to 10 days of approval. Also, your application might not be approved. So you have to wait after 30days before you can re-afresh your application.

How to Activate Your PayPal Business Debit Card

When once you get your debit card and you want to activate it, follow the below step to activate your PayPal business debit card.

  • Launch into the site at and log in to your account details.
  • Close to the log out button, click on profile.
  • On the profile, click on “profile and settings”.
  • Click on “my money” and next webpage. When the page opens, click on “update “
  • Select the card to activate and then click on “Activate now”.
  • You are expected to fill in some details and finally when you are done, hit on “Activate Debit Card”.
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With this, you will be able to get your PayPal business debit card installed. You could also try using the customer care service to activate your card. Just hook up to their instructions and activate your debit card.

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