Bank Of America Debit Card Activate

Bank Of America Debit Card holders are to activate their card before they can be able to use it. With you BOA debit card you shop with ease and with confidence. The card comes with lots of amazing feature including security features.Bank Of America Debit Card Activate

However, to enjoy the features, you need to get the card, register for online banking and then activate your card.

You will be learning procedure on how to activate your card. So make Sure you read to the end.

How To Activate Bank Of America Debit Card?

You just got a new BOA debit card? To start using the card, activation step is the first step to take.

Bank Of America (BOA) offers two simple ways BOA debit card holders can activate their new card.

So, to activate your new card online you have to visit their official website. If you have not enrolled for online banking, you will have to enroll. Registering for online access enables you to activate your account.

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Enroll For Online Banking To Activate Your Card

  • Go to bank Of America Debit card activation page
  • Click on “Enroll in online banking”.
  • Confirm your identity
  • Verify your card and setup your login credentials plus your security questions
  • Follow the prompt to activate your new card

However, it may require your card number, SSN or Tax ID number, during the process.


If you don’t want to follow this process to activate your card, or you feel is to complicated, you can call on the customer service Agents.


Features Of BOA Debit Card Online Banking

The following are features of online banking

Funds Transfer

  • Cardholders can transfer funds from one account to another. With your BOA debit card, transferring funds from one account to the other is very easy.
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Easy Access To Multiple Accounts

  • Offers secure access to your accounts. With your User ID and password, you can access all your accounts if you have multiple BOA account.


Offers Alerts Service

  • Cardholders gets alerts that helps in managing their accounts. However, to get alert, you need to register for the alert.

Easy Online Bill payment

  • Pay your bills online. Online bill payment is one of the outstanding ways to pay your bills. And you can only achieve this by accessing your account. After you log on to your account, you will find the pay tab, it should lead you to the payment process.

Bank Of America Debit Card ActivateView All your Account Activities

  • Cardholders can view their account activities. Instead of waiting for your balance statement to get to you, why not login to your account to check your balance or financial status.
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These are diverse features and benefits you will enjoy as a BOA debit cardholder. However, to partake in the card’s benefits and feature, you need to get yours. You can apply for one online.

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