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If you do not enjoy all the problems of credit card such as: annual, balance transfer and foreign transaction fees, identity theft and fraud, you can go for this card. Also, certain credit cards come with very high Annual Percentage Rates. To avoid all those problems, many simply choose to use a prepaid card. Do you need a prepaid card to get your paycheck through direct deposit from your employer? If your answer is yes, then the bank of America CashPay Visa Prepaid card is the best option for you.

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With the Bank of America Commercial Prepaid Card, you can purchase goods and services, make purchases online, or pay bills. Get instant access to your funds …

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Easy, more secure, and convenient payment. Use everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted; Make purchases in stores, online, and on the phone …

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convenient, pre-funded card for everyday needs · Use anywhere Visa® or Mastercard® debit cards are accepted · Make purchases in stores, online and on the phone.

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Access cash at ATMs and from tellers at any bank or credit union that … The CashPay prepaid debit card is a fast and convenient way to receive your payment.

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This pay card is cheaper and more convenient to use. You can access this card at To use the website is free and you can access it from whatever location you are as long as you have an internet connection in your device. The website is open 24/7. Once you create a User ID and Password, you can access your account.

Moreover, as a cardholder, you are free to access your account and view your monthly, weekly, and daily spending set by the company administrator. Employees can as well view merchants from whom they can make purchases. They can as well access more information from their accounts. The Bank of America CashPay Card is perfectly ideal for employees who do not want to use credit cards. As a prepaid card, you spend what you have loaded in it. There is nothing like credit card payment or payment due date. Once the money in it finishes, you cannot make purchases at all until you fund your card again.

With the Bank of America CashPay Card, employees can save money since they do not need to pay any fees to get their paycheck cashed at a check-cashing store. To start accessing your Bank of America CashPay Card online, go to  As a first-time user, activate your payment card and sign on to your account to view your transactions and deposits. You can also pay for transactions and purchases, monitor your spending, and as well perform other transactions.

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Furthermore, there are certain features in the account that will help you to manage your account and funds properly.  The website has alert features to help you by sending you your balance, deposits and other details through text messages or email.

This card has a Visa logo and you can use it anywhere the logo is acceptable whether online or at shopping malls. Getting this and is very easy as it does not demand any credit check or credit limit. It is a Reloadable Prepaid card meaning that customers only use the money they load in it. It is important to know that using this card does to improve or reduce your credit score.

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