Access your Pex Visa Prepaid Card Account Online For Transactions

Are you a Pex Visa Prepaid Cardholder/ If so, you can access your credit card account online by going to  As a business card holder, you can access your Pex Visa Prepaid Card account and enjoy a lot of services. You can review your transactions, track and monitor your spending and available balance and as well perform other transactions.  To use the website is free and you can access it from whatever location you are as long as you have an internet connection in your device. The website is open 24/7. Once you create a User ID and Password, you can access your account.

Pex Visa Prepaid Card

Additionally, there is also a mobile app that performs the same function as the website. It is called the Pex mobile app. You can download it at the app or Google Play store. Once you create your User ID and Password, you can access all your credit card details and monitor your account. With the app, you can pay for transactions and purchases, monitor your spending, and as well perform other transactions.

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Prepaid Card Administrators

can use the mobile app as it has more features and information available to them. The additional features available include: reducing or adding funds on employee cards, adding or removing authorized merchant categories, accessing company card protocol, suspending employee cards, and reviewing employee transactions. With the above additional feature, the administrators will be able to monitor and as well as control all employee accounts even when they are away from work.

Moreover, as a cardholder, you are free to access your account and view your monthly, weekly, and daily spending set by the company administrator. Employees can as well view merchants from whom they can make purchases. They can as well access more information from their accounts. The Pex Visa Prepaid Card is perfectly ideal for employees who do not want to use credit cards. As a prepaid card, you spend what you have loaded in it. There is nothing like credit card payment or payment due date. Once the money in it finish, you cannot make purchases at all until you fund your card again.

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If you do not enjoy all the problems of a credit card such as annual, balance transfer, and foreign transaction fees, you can go for this card. Also, certain credit cards come with very high Annual Percentage Rates. To avoid all those problems, many simply choose to use a prepaid card.

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