Cato Connect Associate Website for Cato Employees

Cato Connect Associate Website for Cato Employees

The Cato Connect Associate online website is for Cato’s new employees. Cato new hires in the areas of Versona Accessories, Fashion Metro and Fashion must-visit Cato Connect to enroll for company benefits and as well take their induction and orientation.Cato Connect

Cato Connect – Cato Employees

It is from the website that new employees learn the policies, ideas, values as well as other vital details about the company. This is very important to both the company and the new employee. The website is very simple to navigate and is accessible from any location as long as you have an internet connection.

Once you login to the website and go to the Orientation section, the first stage is Onboarding Lobby. Just at the bottom of Cato Connect, there is a link to onboarding Lobby, as an associate, enroll your Lobby Pass Code. You will get the code from the Human Resources Department to gain access to the Onboarding Paperwork.

Take time to carefully fill all the forms in this section to proceed to the next section. The questions are hard neither does it take time to answer them. Just supply only correct and accurate details.

Moreover, by now you should have registered with Cato Connect as a new employee in order to have access to all the company benefit forms. In the next section, choose company benefits and register by enrolling your Lawson Payroll Number, the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, your date of birth and create a password.

After all these, you can now access Cato Connect and fill the benefit forms. This process too is very simple; you can keep the details handy before filling the form. Ensure to supply accurate information.

If you have a challenge about the benefit coverage, you can take time to get more direction from the Benefit guide video. It gives you a thorough detail of the benefits. Note that is very important to decide about electing or waiving benefits during orientation as this is the only time you can do it. If you do not do it this time, you will not be able to do it again until the next annual open enrollment period.

Having gone through everything stated above, it is important for new employees of Cato to go to the online portal and carry out their registrations, undertake the orientation and as well gain access to all the company benefits.

The earlier the better. If you encounter any challenge, you can contact the human resources department for help. Having access to this website is very important as it will enable you to control your employee account by yourself and monitor your activities from whatever location you are.


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