AOL for Windows 9.7 – flexible and easy for exchanging lots of mail.

AOL for Windows 9.7 provides an efficient email client for Windows. It’s flexible and easy to use especially if you’re exchanging lots of mail. Effective spam filtering contributes to the friendly email experience. You can visit their website through this link:

AOL for Windows 9.7

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·       Firstly,  AOL for Windows 9.7 is an easy and fun-to-use email program.

·      You can beautify and enrich emails with stationery, mail art, banners, and more in AOL.

·      AOL includes very effective spam filtering and unlimited online storage.


·      Firstly,  AOL offers no filters, smart folders, or labels to categorize mail.

·      No support for secure messaging is built into AOL.

·      AOL’s message editor has formatting problems.


·      AOL for Windows provides an easy-to-use interface to AOL’s proprietary as well as Internet email.

·      Supports plain text and HTML messages, lets you use stationery, mail art, sounds, and more.

·      AOL uses personalized, adaptive filters to move junk mail to a designated “spam” folder.

·      Identifies mail from known, bulk, and other senders, which lets you concentrate on one category easily.

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·      AOL can block images and URLs in the mail from unknown senders to protect your privacy.

·      Integrates with AIM, includes a fully featured address book and multiple email signatures.

·      AOL can send a vacation auto-response while you’re away and can’t check the mail.

·      Messages to AOL members support reliable return receipts and can be unsent.

·      Parental controls let you restrict email exchange to particular addresses, disable file downloads.

·      AOL for Windows supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

Expert Review

AOL comes with an email service that has grown historically. This is good: AOL feels like you’ve always known it, it is easy and fun to use, and it concentrates on the important things, making email a matter of communication, not technology.

Not all is good about AOL’s legacy, though: interface and configuration have become a bit of a patchwork, even your emails are found in two places: the mailbox for new messages and the filing cabinet for archived mail. While the latter is fine for organizing mail, AOL lacks message labels and filters. The message editor in AOL lets you create proper plain text emails as well as rich (and fun, stationery-enhanced) mail, but it also has its problems with producing a plain text version of rich replies you send. Thus, AOL can make you look like the proverbial AOL user if you’re not paying attention. Of course, you can always make use of your unlimited AOL online email storage with any other email client using IMAP access.

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AOL’s spam filters are barely visible but highly effective. It’s also great to see that AOL blocks images and even links in mail from unknown senders. This enhances privacy and security by a lot and defaults. Incoming and outgoing attachments are scanned for viruses automatically.