Google For Jobs – How to Post Your Jobs On Google

It is possible to post jobs on Google for jobs if the structure of the underlying HTML of your job postings is properly done, so they can be indexed by Google for jobs. Or, you can post your jobs on a 3rd party job posting site which Google for jobs already indexes if you are not able to make the modifications to your own site.Google For Jobs

What is Google for Jobs

Google for jobs makes use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and integrations with job boards to make it possible for jobs to be seen in Google search results, and to be found more easily, despite the variety of titles a job may have. Google for jobs has the potential to bring a lot more visibility to job posts.

How to Post Your Jobs On Google Directly

Get a Website

You need a website to directly send your jobs to Google search results. If you do not have a website, you may be able to post using a 3rd party site that posts to Google, although many job boards need companies to have a site also.

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Publish your job postings on the website

Create a careers page on your site which lists all your current job postings.

Add job listing structured data to your jobs page

Once you add structured data to the job postings, you are telling Google that it’s a job posting and labels essential information. In case you can’t do this, and do not want to go through a 3rd party, it should be easy to find a freelancer who can.

Make use of sitemaps to let Google know when you’ve added and removed jobs

If you do not want people to apply for jobs you have posted, or don’t want them to apply to jobs that you’ve taken down, you can use sitemaps to quickly intimate Google on what’s going on. Note, you’ll need someone technical to set this up and submit them.

Track results in Google Search Console

You can see impressions and clicks in search console, to see how well Google for jobs is working for you, and ensure it’s running correctly.

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Can businesses post a job on Google for free?

Yes, currently it appears any business can use Google for jobs service if the jobs are posted in English. It does not look like the Google job search engine has been rolled out to non-English-speaking countries yet.

Is there a Google job posting site?

Not really, but rather than create a separate Google for jobs website, or Google job board, Google job listings appear in organic search results. Thus if you search for something like on Google homepage, you’d come across Google job postings for that search among the results.

How long does it take for Google job listing to appear?

Once you have everything correctly set up, it should not take too long, all you just have to do, is to wait for Google to index your site. This may take a few days sometimes.


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