You want to go into business with somebody but you’re not sure you can trust them or you just met someone online and want to verify their credibility; then you need to run a check on them with a credible software. And that’s where Beenverified comes in.

BeenVerified gives people easy and affordable access to public record information like addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, criminal histories and much more in one simple and easy report.

This article will provide a thorough review on Beenverified, you will get to find out how it works, benefits, pricing and if it’s a scam or real.

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The New York-based company, first of all, collects data from different public databases and gathers the information to make an easy and understandable report. This report can be purchased by different members according to their need.


According to the website, they claim to have helped people find long-lost loved ones, verify people they met online on social media, verified roommates for people, located current addresses; verified online buyers and much more.

However, the company does not provide information regarding:

  • FCRA public records
  • Verifying that whether a person is eligible for the mortgage or not.
  • Screening of tenants.
  • Background checks of employees.

BeenVerified is only for people within the United States. When you search for a specific person’s information, your identity remains anonymous. The person whose information you are searching is not notified that someone is looking for his information.

The website also claims that if you don’t find the information online about the person you are looking for, then they can facilitate you by manually gathering the information for you. Now, that’s a value-added service you can take advantage of.


Once you login to BeenVerified, they give you three different options for a subscription. In this subscription period, you can forward unlimited requests to BeenVerified. Once this period has ended, BeenVerified renews it by itself. So if you want to end this auto-renewal subscription, you have to contact their customer service at 888-579-5910. The pricing plans for Been Verified are as follows:

  • Moderate Users: Billed on a monthly basis of $19.62 per month.
  • Recommended: Three-month subscription for $44.62.
  • Power Users: Six-month subscription for $59.62.


There’s always a downside to everything that has a good side. BeenVerified is not a scam but it has some issues. For example, they gather data from databases free of cost. They just gather and make a report. If you have some time then you can end up finding the required information by yourself.

Secondly, many people mentioned in their reviews that the criminal histories provided are either incorrect or that they are not of that person at all. However, the company never claims the accuracy of their data they simply claim to find and gather information for you.


From all indications, we may conclude that if you are looking for the lost address or phone number of a particular person, then can be trusted. But if you’re looking for criminal histories then you should opt for another method that gives you accurate information. You can compare both reports obtained.