Costco Paycheck Login To Access Pay Stubs, Tax Status

Costco Paycheck Login To Access Pay Stubs, Tax Status

The work of the Human Resources department can be really demanding especially for large organizations where they have to cater for a large number of people.  There are several HR software solutions that have been set up to ease the HR of some responsibilities and one of them is Costco Paycheck portal.

Costco Paycheck Login provides a secure online access to employee’s paycheck stubs, tax filing status, vacation and sick balances, wage/employment verification – all through one website at

Through this portal, you can avail health care coverage for yourself and family in an affordable range. When you enroll in a medical plan, you’re automatically covered under the prescription drug, vision and mental health and substance abuse plans as well – at no extra cost.

By signing in through Costco Paycheck Login portal, you can also take advantage of the tools and resources that will help you to make the most out of your money. You will learn more information on managing your Costco 401(k) Plan through Costco Paycheck portal.


You are eligible to be part of Costco employee benefits if you are a salaried, full-time hourly or part-time employee. For other benefit eligibility criteria, refer to the “Summary Plan Description” at the Costco Paycheck Login portal webpage.

How To Access Costco Paycheck Login

Get access to your employee benefits, view your paycheck and manage your account all year round through Costco Paycheck Login portal by simply following the steps below:

  • Visit their website at
  • You have now accessed Costco Paycheck Login portal page
  • At the middle of the page, you will see a link “Click Here to Log In”
  • Just as you will click the log in link, Costco Paycheck Login portal window will pop up
  • Enter your employee number to log in and click “Continue”
  • If it is your first time logging in, you need to enter Costco Paycheck Login Employee Number and PIN (You may have received this information from your employer on your Paperless Pay communications. If not, you may need to contact your employer for this login information)
  • Only choose to tick the “Remember Me” option if you are using your own personal computer or device for security reasons.

Once you have successfully logged in into the system, you can choose to log out at any time.

Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher
  • JavaScript enabled (for most browsers, this is the default setting)
  • Monitor Settings: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher