Upgrade To The Sprint Family Plan

Have you been using the Sprint network services as an individual? There is good news for you. Sprint has introduced the Sprint Family Plan.  You know as an individual, you spend $55 monthly for your plans. The New Sprint Family plan is in place to add your family members to your plan and help all of you save some money monthly. Sprint Family Plan

Now, any new person you add to your plan will automatically reduce each member monthly plan by $5. Am sure you will like this enticing offer. Imagine that you are 5 in the family and each of you has an individual monthly plan with sprint, you will all be wasting $25 monthly.

But if you all enroll for the family plan, the $25 will be saved and channeled to other expenses. That’s very economical. You or any member of your family that is using Sprint can upgrade to the family plan to accommodate family members and even friends.

You may ask, what is the offer? Each member of the Family plan gets access to unlimited text, talk and 1 GB of data usage. Everyone in the plan as well gets individual monthly bills that they personally pay unless you decide to pay for some and indicate it in the offer.

This is to say that family members who go for this plan should each be responsible for his or her bill payment. In a situation where an individual is not working or cannot pay, it is advisable for the person who initiated the plan to make arrangements to pay for him before the plan is activated. This will ensure there is no problem.

Moreover, Sprint does not expect all family members to have equal data usage. Our internet needs and usage vary for a lot of reasons. So, each member who sees the need can upgrade his or her data usage to suit his needs. Upgrading from one GB to other levels attracts additional charges that the individual will pay at the end of the month.

Additionally, members of this Family Plan have the opportunity to use the Sprint Easy pay Plan for new phone releases they intend to purchase.

The Sprint Easy Pay Plan permits customers to make a down payment and make monthly payments for their new phones within 2 years. This offer is good for people who cannot easily make a one-time payment for the phone of their choice. The payment period is long and very flexible.

Furthermore, customers are not under any obligation to sign a 2-year contract for the Sprint Family plan. They can terminate the contract anytime they feel like. If you really want to help your family save some cash, why not go for the Sprint Family Plan or upgrade to it?


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