How To Sell On Facebook Free – How to Open  a Facebook Store

How to sell on Facebook free is now a trending topic among Facebook users. When we consider the amount of time we spend on Facebook per day, you will see that it’s quite a big time. We spend much time clicking on links and liking posts and pictures of friends and family on Facebook. I think it’s time you take advantage of this as a selling platform.How To Sell On Facebook Free - How to Open  a Facebook Store

This article will show you how to sell on Facebook for free. Also, I listed out some tips on you can promote your Facebook store. Do you know that a local Facebook selling group is trending now? And it’s absolutely free. You can save huge money from selling on Facebook. Currently, you can open a Facebook store where you can sell all your products and service. It does not cost you a deem to sell on Facebook. All you need is to be on Facebook.

How to sell on Facebook Free

What is a Facebook store or Shop

A face book store is a page on Facebook where you can sell products and services. In contrast, this is similar to an online store and it is for businesses who want to sell their products on Facebook. Most importantly, Customers can place an order from anywhere around the world. Businesses both big and small can leverage this platform to reach a wider range of customers.

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How to open a Facebook shop or store / How To Sell On Facebook Free

Selling on Facebook first starts with opening a Facebook business page. The Facebook page is a page strictly for business, its different from the personal profile and group page. Click here to learn more on a Facebook business page. I believe you already have a Facebook page. Below are steps on you can create a free shop or store on Facebook for free.

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To sell products on Facebook, first create a Business Page, set up Commerce Manager, and add your product listings.

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Learn how to create a shop on Facebook, use Commerce Manager to add … set up a full online shopping experience for free on Facebook Shops.

  • Open your Facebook Business Page.
  • Click on the “Shop” Icon.
  • Select the  “I Agree” box to agree to Facebook’s Seller terms and conditions.
  • Choose the payment method. This is the way through which customers can contact you. You either choose a message to contact you or redirect to your website.
  •  businesses located in the USA can get their payment right inside Facebook through stripe. If you want to use this payment method, you will be asked to provide the credentials for your existing stripe account.
  • After that, you will be required to enter your business address and email.
  • Finally, but not the last step. You have to set up your shop. At this stage, you will be required to specify your product titles, description upload pictures of your products with their various price and shipping methods.
  • Now you can now go and promote your Facebook store.
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 Tips on how to sell on Facebook Free

The aim of every business is to make money. However, money comes when customers patronize you and to get these customers you need to have enough traffic. You can not sit and wait for the traffic you have to build it. In this article, titled “how to sell on Facebook for free” I have provided a few tips on how to market your Facebook store so as to generate a reasonable amount of traffic. I hope this will be of great help to you.

  • Create an engaging content:  in other to have good royal followers u must post engaging content. Traffic is generated through the post on your wall and through people who visit your page. Therefore, you must ensure that all the content you post is of interest and appealing to the minds of your followers.
  • Facebook ads: there are so many Facebook advertising options that you can use to generate traffic to your Facebook store. You can which one will serve you better. Facebook ads are a promising tool to target your audience.
  • You can promote your products by posting on your personal time. SiFacebookbook has put some rules on how users are exposed to ads. You should also promote through your status update.
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How To Sell On Facebook Free

This article will show you how to sell on Facebook free. Also, I listed out some tips on you can promote your Facebook store.

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