Free Facebook Login | How to use Facebook for free – Login to Facebook without Data

Are you out of data?, but want to carry out free Facebook login?. It’s very possible once you have the functioning in your area. This feature is designed such that, with just your password and email address, or phone number, you can easily connect with and keep tabs with your friends and family alike.

With the mode, you have the access to easily share your videos, photos, and send messages without incurring any charge.

Free Facebook Login

Now, this is very exciting knowing that without an internet connection, you can still stay close to those that matter to you. This helps you stay updated on the happenings around and you’d be sure you won’t miss out on anything.

The Free Facebook Login

We know you love to surf the Facebook portal for current happenings. However, sometimes you may find that you are limited on data which might prevent you from accessing your favorite portal. With this in mind, Facebook has made a provision for you to still get access to the Facebook portal in order to stay updated.

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You can now access the Facebook portal even when you are out of data. Once the mode is available in your country, the rest is history. Once the feature is available in your country, with just your phone number and email and password, you have access. This means that you can still stay updated on your page notifications, to stay in on what’s happening.

Benefits of Facebook-free login

Being able to access the Facebook portal for free helps you get in and enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can surf the Facebook portal for free.
  • With just your email and password you can easily access and stay updated on your account.
  • Stay connected with your friends and family on the go.
  • Connect with other users all across the globe.
  • It gives an opportunity for business owners to transact business with other users.
  • Right from the comfort of your home and with just a click on your device, you get connected with other users globally.
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Steps for free Facebook login

You can log in via the free Facebook mode, using these steps:

  • Visit the site at page
  • Provide your phone number or the email address linked to your account in the fields provided.
  • Key in your password and click on the “Login” link.

How to Recover your free Facebook Password

Your Facebook password is the key to unlocking your Facebook account. This means that you can’t access your Facebook portal without your password. If you have forgotten yours, let’s help you recover it:

  • Visit the website
  • Search for the “Forgot Password” link and tap on it.
  • Once the new page is displayed, provide your phone number and tap on the “Search” link.
  • If you prefer to search using the email address, provide your email address and tap on the “Search” link.

For those without a Facebook account, you can easily sign up using these steps:

  • Go to
  • Search for the “Create new account “tab and click on it.
  • Enter your first name and surname on the new page.
  • Enter a valid phone number or your email address
  • Choose your gender
  • Enter your date of birth and offer a password.
  • Complete the process by clicking on the “Sign Up” link.
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Once you have successfully signed up, you can log in with your account, using the login steps outlined above.

You can now go ahead and enjoy all that the feature offers and stay updated on what’s important to you.

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